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Peace Crusader and Echo of the Holy Spirit

Other coincidences


Pablo – Paul in English.  The given name of my father is Pablo.  Saint Paul was a Christian missionary who wrote most of the epistles in the New Testament.

My father would like to have at least seven children.  He said that he named his children a la acrostic after my name.  So A is for Aristeo; R, for Rodolfo; I, for Imelda; S, for Sofronio; M, for Marissa; and E, for Ernesto.  My mother died one year after Ernesto was born.  It spelled ARISME.  I think it should be ARIS only, and ME for me which is wrong.  It should not be relying on oneself but to God to put things right and in order.   

My name Aristeo may be split into ARIS and TEO.  ARIS is the Latin word for altar.  TEO sounds like the Greek combining form THEO meaning God.  Hence, Aristeo may mean “altar of God”.

Pedro – Peter in English.  The given name of my maternal grandfather.  Peter was an apostle of Jesus Christ. 


Canlas – My middle name, the surname of my mother, maternal grandfather, and maternal great-grandfather.  It may mean “can last”.

De la Cruz – the surname of my maternal great-grandmother, Luisa de la Cruz.  De la Cruz is the Spanish words for “of the cross”.

Cruz – the surname of my maternal grandmother and maternal great-grandfather, meaning “cross” in Spanish.

Kriste – the surname of my maternal great-grandmother.  Kriste is like “Kristo” or “Christ”.  Her first name is Macaria which in English means macarize, “to call happy; consider blessed” (World Book Dictionary).

Please see a schematic diagram of my family tree, mother’s side, at http://aristean.org/wp143.JPG .


Santa Cruz – the district of Manila where I was born.  Cruz is the Spanish word for cross.

Espiritu Santo Church – the name of the parish church where I was baptized.  Espiritu Santo is the Spanish words for Holy Spirit.  We talk to a spirit who most, if not all, believe that He is the Holy Spirit.


Vision Street  – the name of the street where I was born in Sta. Cruz, Manila.  Vision came from Dimasalang’s “La Vision de Fr. Rodriguez” in response to Rizal’s principal detractor, Fr. Jose Rodriguez, in his pamphlet entitled “Caingat cayo”.  The 1994-04-26 issue of Macarthur Chronicle started the body of the article with “Aristeo Fernando is a man with a vision.”  Parallel to Vision Street are Karapatan (Filipino word meaning “right”), Elias (a character in Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere), Pista (Filipino word meaning “feast” or “fiesta”), and Dimasalang (pseudonym adopted by Jose Rizal when he entered Freemasonry in 1883).  Perpendicular to Vision Street are Balaguer (Fr. Vicente Balaguer, S.J., the Jesuit priest who claimed to have secured Jose Rizal’s retraction), Becerra (Manuel Becerra, Overseas Minister or Minister of the Colonies during the Propaganda Movement), and Aragon (an autonomous community in north-eastern Spain).  Quiroga (a Chinese businessman in El Filibusterismo) Street connects Dimasalang and Aragon Streets at an angle.







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