Peace Crusader and Echo of the Holy Spirit

All the names below—Aristaeus, Artemis, Apollo, and Echo—are names in Greek mythology which have been associated with me.  Those in parentheses are quoted from The World Book Dictionary.


1.       Aristaeus – “the son of Apollo and the water nymph Cyrene, famous as a keeper of bees”.   He received instruction from the Muses in the arts of healing and prophecy.  He is the guardian of herds and fields and was represented as a young man dressed like a shepherd and sometimes carrying a sheep.

My name is Aristeo.  It came from the Hispanized Greek god Aristaeus which may be from the Greek word aristo meaning “best”.

2.       Artemis – “the goddess of the hunt, of the forests, of wild animals, and of the moon.  She was the twin sister of Apollo and was called Diana by the Romans.” 

This is the name of the computer fourth generation database program that I used when I worked in Saudi Arabia (1985-1988) and at BHP Steel in Australia (1989-1992).

3.      Apollo – “the god of the sun, poetry, music, prophecy, healing, and archery.  The Greeks and Romans considered Apollo the highest type of youthful, manly beauty.”  He is the son of Leto and twin brother of Artemis.

This is the name of the model of the family’s second car in Australia (1994 to present, 2012).  It is made by Holden (General Motors) and is a rebadged Toyota Camry.

4.      Echo – “a nymph who pined away with love for Narcissus until only her voice was left”.

This is the name of the model of the second-hand Toyota economy car that I used in commuting between home and work at the Department of Defence at Bulimba in Brisbane (2006-2008), a distance of about 40 km each way.  It is still running and has been lent to my daughter in Melbourne in 2011. 

After I bought the car in 2006, I realized that I am just echoing the Holy Spirit, that is why from then on, I say that I am the “Echo of the Holy Spirit”.  I recommended the use of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to our team in the Department of Defence in Sydney (2004-2006) for correct spelling of purchase order number, names of people, streets and suburbs, etc.  Echo is IPA’s code name of the letter E.


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