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Aristeo Canlas Fernando, Peace Crusader and Echo


1 Revelations of the Holy Spirit
Prayers said by the Holy Spirit
1.2 Sermons of the Holy Spirit
1.2.1 Why did God create us?
1.2.2 Jesus - Light of the People
1.2.3 Father, do not forsake us
1.2.4 The King of Kings
1.2.5 Beware of false prophets
1.2.6 The pauper in disguise
1.2.7 The children of God
1.2.8 The oneness of the Father and Jesus illustrated
1.2.9 John 1:1 explained
1.2.10 Bile and vinegar forced upon Jesus to drink
1.2.11 “Stop war,” said the Holy Spirit
1.2.12 Who/what is the church referred to in Revelation?
1.2.13 True meaning of Christmas
1.2.14 Meaning of “created in God’s image”
1.2.15 What Jesus meant when He said “I thirst”
1.3 Other prophecies of the Holy Spirit
1.4 Doctrines taught by the Holy Spirit
1.5 Messages of the Holy Spirit

1.5.1 The role of Aristeo
1.6 Untold anecdotes in the life of Jesus
1.7 Interpretation of Bible passages

2 Recent prophecies of the Holy Spirit
2.1 Violent weather
2.2 Unnatural and unbelievable occurrences
2.3 People’s relationship
2.4 Confusion of worship
2.5 Significant relevations from Heaven
2.6 Break-up of families
2.7 Fires and lightnings
2.8 Drought
2.9 Population explosion
2.10 Unprecedented sorrow
2.11 Alienation from God
2.12 Migration of wild animals
2.13 Insanity
2.14 GOTACURAL disease
2.15 War
2.16 Nameless diseases
2.17 Worm plague
2.18 Women’s lax on chastity
2.19 Revolt of the elements

3 Postings in Religious Newsgroups
3.1 The Bible proves that Jesus is God – Part 1
3.2 The Bible proves that Jesus is God – Part 2
3.3 Why Jesus called His mother “Woman”
3.4 Why God hates the Nicolaitans
3.5 The Nicolaitans and six things God hates
3.6 What is the second death?
3.7 Kill in the name of God!?
3.8 Man created in the image of God
3.9 Psalm 22 prophesied the crucifixion
3.10 How can we know the TRUE God?
3.11 Who fetches us when we die?
3.12 It didn’t happen at Pentecost
3.13 Which religion is correct?
3.14 The Herod eaten alive by worms (maggots)
3.15 Holy Spirit revealed crucifixion on August 17
3.16 Description of God in letters to the seven churches
3.17 The word ‘rapture’ is not in the Bible
3.18 Speaking in tongues
3.19 Suicide is unpardonable
3.20 When does the day start?
3.21 Requirements to go to Heaven
3.22 True meaning of “two men and two women” in Matthew 24:40-41
3.23 Judas was unsuccessful in committing suicide
3.24 Who or what is referred to as the church in Revelation?
3.25 Could Jesus have escaped arrest?
3.26 Longinus, the centurion who pierced Jesus
3.27 The Three Kings
3.28 Cremation vs. Burial
3.29 Holy Spirit revealed Jesus was born on May 23
3.30 True meaning of “I am thirsty”
3.31 Four nails were used to nail Jesus on the cross
3.32 Was Jesus lying when He said that … ?
3.33 A contradiction in the New Testament
3.34 Palm Sunday – Triumphant entry of Jesus to Jerusalem
3.35 144,000 saved? Why still recruit?
3.36 Prophecy about a universal unrest
3.37 God’s promised land to the Israelites
3.38 Jesus and the Father are one (responses)
3.39 Second coming of Christ – Is there a third? A fourth? Etc.
3.40 When will the prophecies in Revelation be fulfilled?
3.41 Osama bin Laden prophesied by Nostradamus?
3.42 Why is Jerusalem important?
3.43 Why is God our Father?
3.44 Nostradamus’ Quatrain 6:24 predicts a calamitous war
3.45 Crucifixion of Jesus: a Wednesday or a Friday?
3.46 Who is this Prophet referred to in Deuteronomy?
3.47 Holy Spirit illustrated the Trinity
3.48 Why are we commanded to honor our father and mother?
3.49 ICD – Iesus Christus Deus
3.50 Will ALL Christians be in the first resurrection?
3.51 What are the prophecies of Jesus?

3.52 Meaning of Jesus knocking on our door

3.53 Who can make us be close to God?

4 888 – The Number of Jesus (manuscript)
4.1 Immigration visa to Australia (picture)
4.2 Stamp of arrival in Sydney (picture)
4.3 Campbelltown City Post Office Building (picture)
4.4 Anthony Castelo (picture)
4.5 Set of post office boxes where 888 is (picture)
4.6 Schematic diagram of set where 888 is (picture)
4.7 Side of building where post office boxes are (picture)
4.8 Three sets of post office boxes (picture)
4.9 Schematic diagram of three sets of boxes (picture)

5 Aristean Calendar – God’s Calendar for the New Millennium
5.1 The Aristean Calendar (picture)
5.2 Features of the Aristean Calendar
5.3 Signs behind God’s calendar
5.3.1 Birth certificate (picture)
5.3.2 Baptismal certificate (picture)
5.3.3 Tombs of mother and grandmother (picture)
5.3.4 AMA in the news (picture)
5.4 Why reform the Gregorian calendar
5.5 Change for the better
5.6 Why Australia to lead its promotion
5.7 Comparison to Gregorian calendar
5.8 Proposed reforms to Gregorian calendar
5.9 Determination of the day of the week
5.10 Determination of the date given the day
5.11 Fixed Dates of religious holydays
5.12 Christian calendar of events
5.13 Calendar reform at the United Nations
5.14 Australian Parliament
5.15 Australian media

5.16 Academic evaluation of proposal
5.17 Excerpts from correspondence received
5.18 Public holidays in New South Wales, Australia
5.19 Implementation of the Aristean calendar
5.20 Proclamation of the Aristean calendar
5.21 Jewish important days
5.22 ISO week
5.23 Remembering the number of days in months
5.24 Aristean Day Number or ADN

5.25 Determining the day of the week of an Aristean Day Number
5.26 Public holidays of the world

5.26.1 Public holidays in the Australian Capital Territory, Australia

5.26.2 Public holidays in the New South Wales, Australia

5.26.3 Public holidays in the Northern Territory, Australia

5.26.4 Public holidays in the Queensland, Australia

5.26.5 Public holidays in the South Australia, Australia

5.26.6 Public holidays in the Tasmania, Australia

5.26.7 Public holidays in the Victoria, Australia

5.26.8 Public holidays in the Western Australia, Australia

5.26.9 Public holidays in Belgium

5.26.10 Public holidays in Canada

5.26.11 Public holidays in Denmark

5.26.12 Public holidays in France

5.26.13 Public holidays in Germany

5.26.14 Public holidays in Italy

5.26.15 Public holidays in Netherlands

5.26.16 Public holidays in New Zealand

5.26.17 Public holidays in the Philippines

5.26.18 Public holidays in Singapore

5.26.19 Public holidays in the United Kingdom

5.26.20 Public holidays in the United States

5.27 Publications

5.27.1 Time on his hands

5.27.2 Transcription of TV news on Perpetual Calendar

5.27.3 Aristeo proposes a perpetual calendar

5.27.4 Boxed article by Editor-in-chief

5.27.5 Time is right for a change

5.27.6 Parliament hears calendar proposal

5.27.7 Aristeo has time on his mind

5.27.8 Bagong Kalendaryo Ipinalalaganap
(New calendar being spread)

5.27.9 Dates would never have to change
5.27.10 Are you ready for a perpetual calendar?

5.27.11 Bid to introduce a new calendar

5.27.12 Just one calendar forever

5.27.13 It’s a date and it won’t be forgotten

5.28 Year 2007 – Best time to implement

5.29 Calendar to use

5.30 Comparison of proposed perpetual solar calendars

5.31 The new C & T calendar

6 Aristean Decimal Time – New time system in decimal format
6.1 Units of the Aristean Decimal Time (timeunits.htm)
6.2 Elapsed Time or Duration Issue (elapsedtime.htm)
6.3 Time of Day or Clock Time Issue (clocktime.htm)
6.4 Calculating Time in Decimal (calculatetime.htm)
6.5 Aristean Time Zone
6.6 Finding the Time of Time Zone
6.7 Julian-Aristean Time or JAT

7 Proposals for world peace and order
7.1 One world government
7.2 One global economy
7.3 One international currency
7.4 One universal Aristean language
7.5 Building of Aristean planned cities
7.6 Standard person’s name
7.7 Adoption of Aristean Calendar
7.8 Freedom of movement of people
7.9 No private land ownership
7.10 Moral regeneration

8 Teachings of the Holy Spirit in original Pilipino language
(Mga turo ng Espiritu Santo sa orihinal na wikang Pilipino)
8.1 Mga dasal at mga panalangin ng Espiritu Santo
8.2 Mga pahayag ng Espiritu Santo
8.2.1 Panambitan ng Espiritu Santo para sa lahat
8.2.2 Sermon – Jun. 5, 1983
8.2.3 Ang sawimpalad na inhinyero
8.2.4 Ang Hari ng mga hari
8.2.5 Biniling na isda
8.2.6 Si Jesucristo at ang Ama ay iisa
8.2.7 Pakikisama
8.2.8 Mga sinalita ni Jesucristo sa krus
8.2.9 Magpanday ng susi
8.2.10 Simbolo ng suka at apdo
8.2.11 Daan at gabay sa ating kaligtasan
8.2.12 Paglingap kay Birhen Maria
8.2.13 Mga tagubilin ni Jesucristo
8.2.14 Alin ang tamang relihiyon?
8.2.15 Mga kasindak-sindak na mga pangyayari
8.2.16 Pag-ingatan ang kaluluwa
8.2.17 Ang makipot at matinik na daan
8.2.18 Ang kaguluhan sa Pilipinas

8.2.19 Maglaba sa malinis na batisan
8.2.20 Ang nahulog na binhi
8.2.21 Paghihiwalay ng mag-asawa

8.2.22 Kumakatok ang Diyos sa ating pinto

8.2.23 Ang Pasko

8.2.24 Puno ng Granada

8.2.25 Sino si Samuel Bilibet?

8.2.26 Pinuputol ang walang silbi

8.2.27 Pagbigti ng tao sa leeg ng Diyos

8.2.28 Buwan ng pagrorosaryo

8.2.29 Magsitupad tayo nang buong linis at buong kataimtiman

8.2.30 Mga tagubilin para sa December 5

8.2.31 Sino ang makapagpapatotoo?

8.2.32 Ang panauhin sa ating puso

8.2.33 Tayo ay pantay-pantay at magkakapatid

8.2.34 Palawakin ang isipan

8.2.35 Ang manliligaw ng kaisipan

8.2.36 Paliwanag tungkol sa Trinity

8.2.37 Ang manliligaw ng kaisipan

8.2.38 Ang tungkulin ni Aristeo

8.3 Mga doktrina na turo ng Espiritu Santo

8.3.1 Mga Misteryo sa Tuwa

8.3.2 Mga Misteryo sa Hapis

8.3.3 Mga Misteryo sa Luwalhati

8.4 Mga hula ng Espiritu Santo

8.4.1 Talaan ng buhay para sa 1975

8.4.2 Talaan ng buhay para sa 1976

8.4.3 Talaan ng buhay para sa 1979

8.5 Mga salawikain na sinalita ng Espiritu Santo

8.6 Mga tula ng Espiritu Santo

9 Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

9.1 Crucifixion date of Jesus revealed and proven

9.2 Crucifixion of Jesus after, not during, Passover Festival

9.3 High day proves when crucifixion happened

9.4 Speaking in tongue happened during the festival of Tabernacles, and not at Pentecost

9.5 Jews were using two calendars when Jesus was crucified

9.6 Present calendar should reckon year from crucifixion of Jesus

9.7 New meaning of BC and AD

9.8 4 AD, a leap year?

9.9 Followers of Jesus observed Sunday Sabbath

9.10 Crucifixion must have occurred only on a Thursday

9.11 When was Jesus born?

10 Aristean Cycle

10.1 The Aristean Cycle and the twelve kinds of Metonic Cycles beginning on each of the 12 months of the Jewish civil lunisolar calendar

10.2 First month of the Jewish religious year in the 235-lunar-year Aristean Cycle and 19-lunisolar-year Metonic Cycle

10.3 First month of the Jewish religious year in the 235-lunar-year Aristean Cycle and 19-lunisolar-year Metonic Cycle and date when new moon occurs

10.4 Date of the first month of the lunar year in the Aristean Cycle (1311 BC-172 BC)

10.5 Date of the first month of the lunar year in the Aristean Cycle (171 BC – 1197 AD)

10.6 Date of the first month of the lunar year in the Aristean Cycle (1198 AD – 2337 AD)

10.7 Aristean Cycle Table

10.8 Aristean Cycle Table in Excel

10.9 235-lunar-year Aristean Cycle against the 12-lunar-month religious lunar calendar

10.10 Exodus happened on April 15, 1522 BC

10.11 When did King Solomon reign?

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