Translated by Aristeo Canlas Fernando
Peace Crusader and Echo of the Holy Spirit

          The spirit of Ama said:

          “The day will come, and that will not be long, when all the land will be on fire.  The land will become hot.  There will be earthquakes.  There will be storms.  Many, many calamities.  There will be tidal waves, flooding, and everything.

          “Then beings from outer space as small as cane toads (about 5 cm high), will come to take away all the good people who will be loaded onto their spacecraft.  All the bad people, all those who want to enrich themselves, even though they come and plead and insist to come on board will be not be taken.

          “That is why, I tell you that from now on, all of you should change for the better.  Be good because when that hour comes, you will not be taken if you are bad.

          “I am not scaring you because these will certainly come true.  You will see these happen.

          “What I am telling you is true but you do not wake up.  When I come to get what is due me, be prepared.  I take pity to mankind.  My pity is unparallel.  That is why I give all sorts of signs. There are earthquakes, storms, floods.  There are these materials from underneath the land and brought out and rain down all over the world.

          “I pity you.  I pity you.  But there are just a few who become awaken.  Do not ask if what I tell you will happen.  Yes, My children, they will happen because I pity you.

          “If I do not pity you, all these will not happen.  You may just kill each other.  You may just be in trouble with one another.  Or you just all sin.  But because I pity you, that is why all these things are happening.

          “Please analyze well that I am telling you.  That I pity you that is why these things are happening.       

          “The number of people will decrease.  Remember this before the year 2000.  When it will already become possible, you will be brought back to earth (by the beings from outer space).

          “Do you all want to go (with these beings from outer space)?  That is very easy.  Be good.

          “Be good now.  And tell these to all people wherever they are.  Even though they laugh at you.  Even though they say that you are crazy.  Even though they say you are out of your mind.  Even though they say you are a lunatic.  Just do it.  Just so you pass on the news.  Do not keep this news to yourselves alone.  If there will be people who will not believe, you will also meet people who will believe.”







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