Translated by Aristeo Canlas Fernando
Peace Crusader and Echo of the Holy Spirit

          The spirit of Ama said:

          “What you think cannot happen are the things which are very horrible.  You think they will not happen but they will happen.  And these incredible and horrible things will certainly happen.

          “You will find out that human being will be born with horns.  You will find out human being will be born with four feet.  You will find out cat giving birth to human being.  You will find out human being giving birth to kitten.  You will find out all sort of incredible and horrible happenings.

          “What it tells you is for you to change your attitude now.  Change now your ways, what you do.  Change now your way of thinking.   What is way of thinking?  For example, you think of becoming rich.  For example, you think of working very hard to become rich.  Change that now.  Change that now.  Incredible and horrible things will happen very soon.

          “Do not ever think that I am just scaring you because they will certainly happen.

          “What is in the Book of Revelation?  Time will come when there will be locusts, locusts that look like female human beings, locusts with long hair.  Will you not be horrified by that?  When it bites, it will be long.  You will suffer many wounds.  And you would like to die but you do not die.  That will be very soon.  I am not joking.”   






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