I would like to share with you what I heard and learned from the Holy
Spirit regarding one of the so-called last words of Jesus on the cross--"I
thirst."  (John 19:28).
    The Holy Spirit revealed that when Jesus was on the cross, He said 'I
thirst'.    The Jews made a bitter mixture of bile and vinegar in a chalice.
Then they soaked in the mixture a dirty cloth which was tied at the end of a
long stick.  They lifted the soaked cloth up to His lips and forced Him to
drink it.  He couldn't drink it for it was bitter.
    The Holy Spirit said that Jesus was not thirsty of cold water or of the
delicious juice of grape.  What He desired to drink is the sweetness of our
love and affection for Him.
    To quote the Holy Spirit, He said, "This is what Jesus is thirsty
of--the love of the people that He desires so much.  This is what can quench
His thirst.  Love.  Love will take away His sufferings.  Love is the
handkerchief that will dry out His tears that fell because of His profound
pity to mankind who take cover in sins so that they could not see this
picture which is full of sufferings.  People to whom He offered an
unparalleled love.  Is there any love that is greater than the love that
Jesus let us feel?  There is nothing that is greater than His love even with
our promise that 'the Heaven and the stars are witnesses of my genuine love
for you.'  This cannot equal or be greater than the love of Jesus to mankind
because it is not only promise of the lips but LIFE, LIFE, LIFE that you
cannot exchange for anything.
    "Life that you don't have any desire but to have luxury.  Life that you
cannot offer in defence of anyone.  Life that you take care greater than the
care that you give to the One who gave you your life.
    "What Jesus fervently desire and is thirsty of--of Jesus who gave you
your life--is your love, your service, your affection.  Your listening to
His teachings, your acknowledging of His being God who created you.  These
are the things that He thirst of and not water.
    "And the symbol of mixture of bile and vinegar is your turning your back
to Him and your not taking notice of anything that He  teaches although you
know that this is the only salvation of your soul.  Your forgetting and
turning your back to His teachings.  These are the mixture of bile and
vinegar that further His sufferings."
    The above was just a part of the sermons of the Holy Spirit about the
matter.  Later, I will post its complete translation.
    Let us come back to God.  Let us promise that we will do our best for
the goodness of mankind.  Let us show our love for our fellowmen and surely
He will be there and sharing with that love.

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