In Genesis 1:27, the Holy Bible, KJV, states "So God created man in his own
image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he then."

What does this really mean?  What is this image?  What is the nature of God?
God is a spirit.  Do you know that this is what we are like God?  As spirit!
We are spirits like God, if you will believe it.  And our spirit was put in
a box or a container.  This box or container is our physical body.  God
joined the spirit and the physical body.  This is the true meaning of "what
God has joined together" which "man must not separate" (Mark 10:9).

The physical body is from the earth and, when we say we physically die, this
body will decay and return to earth.  The water in our body will go back to
water.  The air in our body will go back to air, that is why our last breath
is expiration--breathing out the air in us.  And, the spirit that was
breathed by God into the physical body will go back to God once the physical
body is destroyed.  That spirit will live forever--like God.  And that
spirit will live either in Heaven or in Hell--forever.  Jesus said He is the
way to go to the Father in Heaven.  No other way.  The choice, therefore, rests on us where we would like to go after our journey on this earth.  We
will all go abroad--there to the spiritual world, to our true homeland.

This was the explanation to us by the Holy Spirit.  It is just logical,
isn't it?

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