I would like to share with you the explanation by the Holy Spirit of the
true meaning of Christmas.  The following is the translation from the
original Pilipino transcription to English of our session with the Holy
Spirit on
October 30, 1986.  I ask for an apology if my translation is not
accurate.  If you have any question on something you find vague, please put
them forward and I will present the original Pilipino text for further

    The Christmas Season is nearing.  What does Christmas mean?  Every year,
I explain this to you.
    We have to celebrate Christmas because that is the very first day given
to us so that we will have true peace.  However, when is true Christmas?
Whenever that is, whichever is the correct date, even if the date when the
world celebrates it is wrong, because the spirit is for the true Savior or
the Covenant of God, my heart is still glad.  And your hearts should be
glad as well.
    The truth is many people do not have Christmas.  There are many people
who do not have Christmas.  Let your hearts be glad because you have
Christmas.  And in your gladness, let others be glad as well.  Even to those
who somehow have Christmas.  Even to those who somehow have gladness.
    Wait a while.  May I ask you?  Here, we talk about many people not
having Christmas.  Do you, my children, have Christmas?
    "Maybe," answered
    Maybe?  Why?
    "Unrest may start (before
December 25, 1986).  We don't know if we will
get there (Christmas Day)," said
    If there is war,
Sofia, will you not have Christmas?  Who among you do
not have Christmas?  What does Christmas mean?
    "It is peace, Father," Marcial answered.  (We address the Holy Spirit as
    Peace, my children.  That is why I said that you are fortunate and you
have Christmas.  However, many people do not have Christmas because they do
not have peace.
    The soldiers (of the Philippine Army) are celebrating Christmas.  The
cadres of NPA (New People's Army, the military arm of the Communist Party of
Philippines) are celebrating.  The "nice people" (refers to the NPA
cadres) are celebrating.  The whole of mankind is celebrating.  However, do
they have peace?  None.  Because they are always ready for war.  Therefore,
they do not have peace.
    That is why I said they do not have Christmas.  However, you who are
here now, I assure you, you have Christmas, whether you are dead and whether
you are alive.  Because right here, we see ... (the Holy Spirit did not
continue His sentence, instead asked) When is Christmas, my children?  When?
    "The true date is May 23," Marcial answered.
    May 23.  When is Christmas?
    "December 25," said another.
    December 25.  Alright, when is Christmas?
    "That moment in time when a person feels peace," Anita answered.
    Now, you have Christmas.  Will you ask Me why now is Christmas?  You
have peace at this moment.  And here with you is the one born at Christmas.
Together with you is the one born at Christmas.  That is why, now, in you,
is Christmas.  Therefore, if everyday and every time, God is in your heart,
in our heart, everyday, all the time, is Christmas.
    Therefore, there is no time that is not Christmas to a person who does not
forget God in himself.  Because God is peace.  It is with God that peace can
be achieved.  And if you will not lose God from your heart, peace will
always be with you and there is no time for anyone who has this personality
that is not Christmas.
    So, my children, do not just keep it to yourselves.  Share it to others.
    Do you know, my children, that there are many times that come to your
hearts that is not Christmas?  Because you often become angry.  Often you
keep grudges.  Often you shout.  Often, obscene and bad words come out of
your mouth.  And during those times, you do not have Christmas because in
you is the enemy of Son of God?  Who is that?  The Devil.
    (Then the Holy Spirit related a story about a family who just calls each
other Demon.)

    I hope that everyday is Christmas Day to each and everyone of us.  Let
us keep God always in our hearts.  And we will achieve peace that we always
desire.  I welcome your comments on this message of the Holy Spirit.

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