Herewith is a transcription of our session with the Holy Spirit wherein
the topic of war was brought forward by Benigno Santos.  Benigno started
listening to the Holy Spirit since about the early 70s.


Benigno asked the Holy Spirit, "In war, people kill each other and those
who have killed many are even awarded with medals.  They are not made
responsible in their killing based on the laws of man.  What is the
responsibility to You of these soldiers who kill each other?"

The Holy Spirit replied, "The absence of love to his fellowmen.  And the
absence of love to one's fellowman is absence of love to God.  Look, Son,
what do the Muslims (in
Mindanao, the Philippines) defend that is why they
kill the Christians?  Tell me.  The truth, please.  (Benigno couldn't answer
so the Holy Spirit continued.)  Their "land" (or "place") and their "honor."

What do Christians defend?  Their "land" (or "place") and their "honor."
So they are the same, aren't they?

Do you have any place that you made?  None.  Do you have any honor?
None also.  Because you are soil without breath and life.  Therefore, you
need to use your life in the defence of your Lord God.

Here now, who or what are you defending?  Your "land" (or "place").
Now, what is My instruction to you?  He who does not love his fellowmen does
not love God.  Follow My way so that you can go to where I went.  How can
you go to the place where I went?

For example, if you kill a family member of Marcial, what have you sown
in the heart of Marcial?   (Marcial Aguila is a listener who was healed in
1974 by the Holy Spirit of his terminal lung illness.  He lived till about
the early 90s.)  Tell me."

Benigno said, "Hurt feelings and hatred."

The Holy Spirit continued, "Hatred.  Now what will grow there?  Revenge.
What will be the fruit?  Killing.  Therefore, war does not give any benefit
or goodness.  On the other hand, war is sowing hatred to one another.  And
what will grow is revenge and the fruit is killing.  Therefore, let us stop


Let us heed what the Holy Spirit said and what Jesus said, "Love one
another just as I love you" (John
15:12).  Let us stop war.  Let us stop
this insanity.  It does not give any goodness to us.  Absence of love to
one's fellowmen is absence of love to God.  Let us live in peace.

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