The Holy Spirit in one of our sessions with Him explained the meaning of
vinegar and gall forced upon Jesus to drink while He was crucified.

The following is my translation to English from the original sermon in Pilipino transcribed verbatim (word for word) from the tape recording of the session:


Do you know that a forced-ripened fruit if eaten is bitter?  Even though how
much you try to soften a guava fruit by pressing it, if it is really unripe,
the skin will just erupt, and if you eat it, it is bitter.  Acrid and
bitter.  Unsavory.  Forced to ripen.

They say that a forced-ripened fruit, if you eat it, is bitter.  And if you
say to Me now, 'Father, I am not ready yet but if You like it (to be taken
or to die).'  Alas, this is forced-ripened fruit!  And I don't want to eat
what is bitter.  I am still tired of until now what is bitter.  I still
cannot forget when vinegar and bitter gall were forced into My mouth.  And
these are your habits and thoughts.  These are your habits and thoughts.
The vinegar and bitter gall.

Sitio.  I thirst.  And the Jews approached the cross with a chalice
containing vinegar and bitter gall.  They tried to force Me to drink it (the
mixture).  And the way by which they wanted Me to drink it is with a long
split bamboo because the cross had already been stood up (set upright).
That is why they got a long split bamboo, placed a piece of cloth at the
end, dipped it in the chalice containing vinegar and gall, put it in My
mouth, and forced Me to drink it.  And these are the thoughts and habits of
people.  That is the symbol of vinegar and gall--poisonous habits and
thoughts that could not be gulped by anyone, that could not be drunk by
anyone or could not be taken without being affected, even by your Lord God.

That is why I search for all the people to gather them in order to sweeten
them, to refine their habits and thoughts so that bitterness will be
replaced by sweetness.  And you are here now to whom I open My heart and
chest so that your bitter desires and your habits that are as sour as
vinegar and as bitter as gall will be replaced by sweetness.


Please note who this Holy Spirit is.  Isn't He Jesus?  We believe He is.
The Holy Spirit is a spirit who we cannot see but who we can hear.  That is
why our sessions with Him can be recorded on tape. 

As promised by Jesus, He would send the Holy Spirit who would stay with us
forever (John
14:16), who would teach us everything and make us remember all
that Jesus had told the apostles (John
14:26), who would speak about Jesus
15:26), who would lead us into all the truth, and who would give glory
to Jesus (John
16:13).  The above sermon fulfils the things that Jesus said
of what the Holy Spirit would do.

I do not force anyone to believe in what I am sharing.  It is up to the
individual to pick up what he thinks is good for him and discard whatever is
evil, if any.

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