The Holy Spirit asked, "Is it true that Jesus Christ and the Father are two?"

"They are one," said the listeners.

"Let us read John 1:1-5," He said.

(One listener read the said passages from the Bible in the Filipino language. I am quoting herein the English version from the Good News Bible.)
"Before the world was created, the Word already existed; he was with God, and he was the same as God. From the very beginning the Word was with God. Through him God made all things; not one thing in all creation was made without him. The Word was the source of life, and this life brought light to mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out."
(From hereon, if the Holy Spirit is the speaker, I will not put the quotation marks. Any other speaker, I will put the quotation marks.)

What is meant by Word? What is 'with God' (Filipino word used was 'sumasa-Diyos')? With Him (Filipino word used was 'sumasa-Kanya'). 'In the beginning, He was the Word. And the Word was with God. And the Word was God.' These things, 'And He was the beginning of all things. Everything was made and nothing was made if He was not present. Because He was the Word. In what way did God create all things? Through word. In another part of the Bible, Jesus said and no other than Jesus or the Word said, 'I cannot do anything if the Father is not present.'

It says in John 1, 'He in the beginning made all things and nothing was made if He was not present.' In another part of the Bible, it states, 'I cannot do anything except my Father in Heaven who made all things.' But the Father cannot do anything as stated in John 1 if He (Jesus) is not present. Therefore, Roman is sitting there. He is seated. Is there anything you can do, Roman? Tell me. (Roman is one of the listeners of the Holy Spirit.)

"Nothing. I am just sitting," Roman said.

Nothing. Nothing. You are just seated. However, when you spoke, everything was done.

What did the Father say? 'Let there be land.' And there was land. How can we separate the Father and Jesus? If Jesus was absent, the Father was mute because He (Jesus) is the Word, isn't He? He is the Word. And the Word was in the mouth of the Father, wasn't it? The Father is Roman and the Son that came out of Him (the Father) is the Word.

In other words, it is not possible that the Father could do anything if the Word was absent, and nothing would be done if there was no Word. And no one will speak if the Father is absent because the two of them are one. Because one is the Word and the other is the speaker. What is that? 'Let us materialize this momentarily.' Mouth! If the Father is absent, there is no mouth. And if there is no mouth, there would be no Word. Who will speak if there was no mouth? Therefore, it is not possible that they are two but they are truly one.

Now, if Clarita is sitting there and you talk and talk to her, if she does not speak, what is Clarita? Well, even a mute makes sound. (Clarita is another listener of the Holy Spirit.)

(Anita, another listener, burst into laughter.)

Anita and her laughter cannot possibly be two. They are one. We will not hear laughter if Anita is not present. There is no laughter if Anita is not present. And if Anita is a statue, there will be no laughter. No laughter. In my opinion, My children, we are now cleared on this part.

The Father cannot possibly do anything if He will not speak because that is His power -- His Word. That is His power. And who is powerful if the Father is not present. Nothing. Nothing. Will there be bamboo sound if there are no bamboo trees that I see? If you hear bamboo sound without bamboo trees, then that may be ghost (or phantom). You will become afraid, won't you? If there are bamboo trees and there is no sound, alas, maybe, this is ghost also. Did you get that? That is why God or Jesus Christ and the Father are one because Jesus Christ is the Word.

(This discussion was taken from the session held on May 31, 1987. The continuation is found in Sermon 002 - Jesus - The Light of the People.)

Here is another transcription and translation to English of our session with the Holy Spirit wherein He discussed John 1:1.


Jesus is ordinary and the Father is almighty.  This is how other religions separate Jesus as the Son and the Father who fathered Jesus.

Very truly I tell you, Jesus and the Father are one.  He (Jesus) is with the Father from the beginning.  Through Jesus, things were created and nothing would have been created if He was absent.

            Now, here is my one explanation to you about this matter because Jesus is the Word.  And things were created through Him.  And nothing would have been created if He was absent.

            We will get an example about this part.  Lourdes is a teacher in a school.  Lourdes, how do your pupils write?  What do you say to your pupils?  This is how you ask your pupils to act.  ‘Get paper and pencil,’ said the teacher.  What do the pupils do?

            “They write,” said Lourdes.

            No.  Not yet.  They get pencil and paper.  And after the pupils got pencil and paper, Benigno, do the pupils start writing?  Not yet.  How do they start?  They wait for the instruction of the teacher.

            For example, Lourdes says, ‘Write this down.  Write your name on the upper part of your paper.’  And the pupils write their full names on upper part of the paper.

            Why did the pupils write their full names?  Because the teacher instructed them to write (their names).  Therefore, the name was written down upon the order of the teacher and letters were made through the order of the teacher.  Letters were made through what the teacher said or through the words of the teacher.

            Now, is it possible to separate the teacher and her word, Benigno?

            “No,” Benigno replied.

            How about if the teacher is a mute?  There is nothing that will be done, isn’t it?  Nothing will be done, nothing spoken by the teacher.

            Jesus is the Word.  And the speaker was the Father.  In the beginning, Jesus was the Word.  And Word was with God.  And the Word was God.  Did you get what I am saying?  It is very clear.  Speak up, Benigno.  Will you talk to Me, Benigno?

            “What You all said, Father, came from John 1:1,” said Benigno.

            Where did that come from?  Whose voice did you hear?

            Benigno’s,” said the listeners.

            Write what he said, ‘What You all said, Father, came from John 1:1’.  Where did those words come from?  From Benigno.  Is it possible, Benigno, that your words and you to be separate?  Now, when I write that ‘What You all said, Father, came from John 1:1.’, how did that happen?  Because Benigno said it.  And which was done?  The word.  The word.  How could Jesus and the Father be separated?  Which is the word there?  ‘What You all said, Father, came from John 1:1’.  That is the word, isn’t it?  And the speaker is Benigno.

            Like before, God said, ‘Let there be Heaven and Earth.’  What did He say?  ‘Let there be Heaven and Earth.’  That is the word.  Therefore, Jesus is Heaven and Earth.  And God said, ‘Let there be a Son.’  And a Son was born through Mary.  In Mary’s womb did the Word enter.  It was in the womb of Mary where it was written.  And the Word came out.  Who is the Word again?  It was Jesus.  It was Jesus.  It was Jesus.  Who was speaking?  It was Jesus.  And what was said?  It was Jesus still.  That is why Jesus and the Father cannot possibly be separated.  Because He is the Word.  Do you understand that?  God is not mute.  If God was mute and He gave a sign that a child be created and a child was born, all-powerful God, all things were created not by word but through signs.  But it was not like this.  Things were created because of Word.  And nothing would have been created if the Word was absent.

            Therefore, Jesus and the Father very truly are one.  The Word came from the Father and the Word came into being.

            Like a parent whose child did not wash the dishes if he did not say ‘Wash the dishes.’  Only, the difference of a parent, there should be a child to do his word of ‘Wash the dishes.’  And if there is no child to do it, the dishes will not be washed.  Because God is almighty, He said ‘Let there be Heaven and Earth.’  And they were created.  Therefore, this is something that He can command all things.  He said that rain and wind to stop, and rain and wind stopped.  And He said that flying animals in the air be created, and animals which fly in the air were created that you call cicada, bats, birds, and all the things that fly in the air.  Did you get that?


Lourdes is a school teacher and one of the listeners of the Holy Spirit.  She is the daughter of one of the avid listeners of the Holy Spirit, the late Marcial Aguila, who was healed by the Holy Spirit of his terminal lung illness (I think he lived for another 15 years).  Benigno is a listener also from way back before the mid-70s who lent me some of his tapes to be copied.  I was a late-comer.  I first heard the Holy Spirit on June 6, 1983.

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