Here are some extracts from our sessions with the Holy Spirit wherein the divinity of Jesus was discussed.

EXTRACT 1 - John 14:11 was read.

The Holy Spirit repeated the verse and said 'Believe in Me that the Father is in Me and I am in the Father.' Therefore, Jesus Christ and the Father are really one because it is not possible that I am in Roman and Roman is in Me if we are not really one, or if Jesus Christ and the Father are not one, it is not possible that the Father is in Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is in the Father. (Roman is one of the listeners of the Holy Spirit.)

EXTRACT 2 - John 14:13 was being discussed regarding the glorification of the Father through the Son. This is what the Holy Spirit said:

Let us take Serafin as example. (The late Serafin was also a listener.) Serafin did not become happy because his wife left and abandoned him. O here you are, Serafin. You may say, 'That is not me.' This is just an example. This is a sample only. Serafin did not become happy. His wife left and abandoned him. What Serafin did was he changed his identity. Serafin went to a place and was asked, 'What is your name?' He said, 'My name is John.' Therefore, Serafin is in John and John is in Serafin because they are really one. Serafin, as John, was loved and honored by the people at the place he went to. John who was in Serafin and Serafin who was in John became happy because they were honored. The heartbreak as Serafin due to his being abandoned by his wife in one place was replaced by happiness as John. John who was in Serafin and Serafin who was in John, both became happy.

EXTRACT 3 - This was when we were discussing John 17:10 which states, 'All I have is Yours, and all You have is Mine.' This is the simple explanation of the Holy Spirit:

Who are these people? 'All whom You gave to Me. All You have is Mine. All I have is Yours.' Therefore, they are one. Is it possible that the clothes of Carmelita will be the clothes of Clarita if they are two? Isn't that correct? (Carmelita and Clarita are listeners of the Holy Spirit.)

EXTRACT 4 - When we were discussing the divinity of Jesus, the Holy Spirit illustrated the concept of oneness of the Father and Jesus in a parable using flashlight. This is His explanation:

Jesus Christ is truly the Son of God and Jesus Christ is Son of Man because Jesus Christ was a human being and Jesus Christ is a true God. Therefore, He is the Son of Man because He had the form of a human being. And Jesus Christ is the Son of God because He is from God. Because He is the true God.

Now, why did He become the Son of God if He is true God? Therefore, beside Jesus Christ, there is true God, the one who fathered Him. O, this is what will come to the minds of each of you that will puzzle you. Alright, there is a flashlight and you switch it on and light emanated from it. Is this light different from the flashlight? Is the light different from the flashlight? But until when will light emanate from the flashlight if it has a good bulb and a good battery?

"There is a limit, Father," said one of the listeners.

Alright, but the flashlight is one and the light is another although we can say that they are two because when the flashlight is off, there is no light and light will only emanate when it is switched on. But they are still one. Flashlight and the light from it are one. Jesus Christ and His Father are one because the Father is in Heaven, as the flashlight, and the flashlight was switched on and light emanated. This is Jesus Christ.

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