Sermon 006

Herewith is a parable related by the Holy Spirit about the pauper in disguise. I transcribed this from one of our sessions with Him. This is its translation from the original Pilipino language to English which I slightly modified when I presented this on radio. When I find my transcription or the original tape recording, then I will publish this as said exactly by the Holy Spirit. He may have said "You" but I modified it to "We". Here is that parable:



We should always be alert and careful so that all things will not pass our hearing and attention. There were two very good friends who were neighbors. One night, they went for a walk on the promenade. Later in their stroll, one of them felt very sleepy and requested that they go home. "Let's go home now. I'm very sleepy," said the sleepy friend.

They left the promenade and went home. When they reached home, the wife of the sleepy person complained to her husband and said, "My eyes are aching." The sleepy person said to his friend, "The eyes of my wife are aching. What is the medicine that I should give her?" The friend replied, "The medicine for eyes that are aching is lime."

And the sleepy person fell asleep. He did not hear the words further said by his friend, "The medicine for eyes that are aching is lime if you will make them blind." The sleepy person only heard the sentence up to "lime" and fell asleep. He did not hear the words, "if you will make them blind."

Later in the night, the sleepy person woke up and heard his wife complained again, "My eyes are aching." "Come here and I will put lime. My friend said lime is the medicine for aching eyes." Because he did not hear the words, "if you will make them blind," the husband put lime on his wife's eyes and the wife became blind.

This thing must be inculcated in our minds. This is a story that is being mentioned to you not to be laughed at or to consider this as gossip. This story is told so that each of us will have the desire to be attentive and alert so nothing can pass us by.

Very truly I tell you, when it is totally dark, even though you light the surroundings, darkness will still befall. However, if the sun is very bright, even though you cover the surroundings with dark cloth, the light or the ray of the sun will still shine through. And I tell you, the Devil can also speak very well and explain things about the Bible. And what he says are also things about God. Because any pauper who desires to marry a princess borrows clothes of a prince and hides his being a pauper to the princess he desires to marry. And I tell you, the Devil also speaks about God and he presents things about God. However, in his explanation, he inserts and he distorts things and presents the beauty of hell. That is why I tell you, do the best you can to scrutinize what I say so that even a word, a comma, a period will not pass you in what I say. There maybe things that is favorable to evil. That is why, keep your eyes wide open and be attentive so that they won't close because of sleepiness. Watch out for the pauper in disguise as a prince.


Have you heard this story before? How the story of the prince and the pauper was applied to the devil? In our sessions with Him, He emphasizes to us to use our intelligence to discern the truth. We have to broaden our minds. He said that even if the devil is talking about God, we pick up the good things he says. However, we have to scrutinize what he says because within the good things he says, there are things that are inserted which are smelly and rotten. It is with the nice things that the bad things are mixed. Later, I will share with you a related story to this that He told us. I entitled it "The Pauper in Disguise". If you have any suggested titles, I will be glad to know them.

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