Sermon 005

Beware of False Prophets

In 1985, the Holy Spirit I talk to said that the number of tempters and deceivers on earth will become many more and dense who will lead astray, misteach, deceive and blind many, many people. Many will spread the rumor that this is the beginning of the end. This will spread and many will claim that he is god, or God is in him, or he is inspired by God, or he is the messenger of God, and many will believe that will truly lead them astray. This is a warning or advice: beware of false prophets because we will not be saved by borrowed faith.

Remember, beware of false prophets who will give us borrowed faith, meaning, faith that did not come from within us but commanded to us, or told to or directed, imposed, dictated or compelled upon us by our fellowmen. We will not be saved this way. We must focus our faith in God, the only true God, who gave us our life, not through faith in Him as commanded by our fellowmen but believe and have faith in Him in our heart because of His being God and we are His creation.

The above is what the Holy Spirit told us. Have you ever heard the term "borrowed faith" before? That we "will not be saved by borrowed faith?" Let us heed His advice. Let us "have faith in Him in our heart because of His being God and we are His creation."

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