Sermon 004

 Below is a sermon of the Holy Spirit which I transcribed and translated from the original Pilipino language to English. This came from one of our sessions with Him. The sessions are tape recorded so that what He said can be quoted verbatim.

Please note His use of "I" like in "I gave you life and I provided you things for your existence. I gave you the beauty of this world."

I welcome your comments. If there is any part which is not clear with you, please point it out. It may be an inaccurate translation. The original Pilipino text can be found under major topic number 7 of the home page. There may be some Filipino linguists out there may may be interested to translate this more accurately.

I entitled it "The King of kings". If you have any other suggested titles, you are welcome to present them.



By the Holy Spirit

We have to recognize God as king and not only as a king that we have to know Him. If we recognize and accept God as our king, then we will follow all that He likes because we have a saying, 'The command of the king cannot be broken.' If we do not follow the command of the king, if we disobey it, the violator has a corresponding punishment. And the corresponding punishment that the king imposes to anyone who disobeys him is death.

And if a king approved by God to be king has the power to behead anyone who disobeys his commands, this king who disobeys God could also be beheaded by God if God so wishes. The king who commands the beheading of anyone who disobeys him can also be beheaded if he disobeys the one who installed him or has given him the power to be called a king.

If you follow the commands of the king approved by God, you should be more obedient to the commands of the one who installs a king because we have to recognize Him as the King of kings. Because if He can install anyone whom He likes to be king, how great do we think is His kingship? Isn't He really he King of kings? And if He is the King of kings, isn't it more appropriate that we obey His commands? However, if we recognize Him as king and we don't obey Him, my children, it would not only be beheading as punishment that He will impose on us but beheading and then reattach the head, and then beheading again because it is an eternal punishment.

If we know God, and we really have to know Him, let us know Him and let us make Him as king of our whole being. And if we accept Him as king, we would give to Him our whole faith and trust. We have to follow His commands. We have to respect His decisions. We have to give what He likes.

Because in the way that He gave to us His blood and life, for our own salvation, who are we to disobey Him and withhold from Him His sacred desire for the salvation of our very own soul? Therefore, let us obey Him without any doubt. Let us follow Him with our utmost loyalty. Let us give to Him our whole soul, our whole being because of the fact that no one owns us except Him only.

He gave life. He created everything for our existence. He created us. He cleanses our soul. Nothing will exist without Him. We will not be existing if He does not exist. Therefore, we have to acknowledge that He is truly the King of kings, and that we don't have to recognize any other kings except our Lord God who created us and gave us life here on Earth and who is offering an eternal life with Him in the glory of His Heavenly kingdom.

To someone who gave you a memento or a keepsake, and who you do not know, you will not have peace of mind. You yearn to meet and know him or her. Isn't that right? And God who gave us our life and who gave things for our existence and who gives us our livelihood, who sacrificed His own life and shed His own blood for our salvation, don't we desire to be with Him or meet Him personally?

And if these things will come into your hearts, my children, there are conditions. God is not a liar. What He said to us, He will do. He will give what He promised that we will have. Is God a liar? Is He a liar? He is not. He is not. And if God is not a liar as we know it, He said "I love whoever obeys my commands and listens to my teachings and the one I love is loved by my beloved Father. And in their hearts, we will build our home to live forever." And He also said, "I will go back to the bosom of my beloved Father and I will prepare your homes. And when these have already been prepared, I will come back to take you because I want you to go to where I am." Do you think, my children, our Lord will break His promise? He will honor His promise. Because I know and you know that God is not a liar. Everything in His heart is all sincerity and truth and He said that He wants us to be where He is also. And when that happens, He will let us live with Him. Where did He go to prepare the home where we will live? In the bosom of His Father. In the glory of Heavens. Because He is already there, He wants that we be there also. Therefore, my children, we will live with our Father who gave us life, and who gave salvation and who gave a promise and we accept that He is not a liar.

My children, what do you do when you go to your father here on Earth? Don't we prepare him a nice present? Even an inexpensive thing that will give him happiness. Some delicious food that will give him satisfaction. Because we know that we will be going to our father, to our father's place. Did you get what I am saying? Where are we going? To the bosom of the Father. Why have we not prepared yet our present for Him, my children? Isn't it appropriate that we prepare our present now because the one who will fetch us may come soon? Who is the one who will fetch us? He is Jesus Christ. He is Jesus Christ. When we are fetched to be taken to the bosom of our beloved Father in Heaven, if we have not prepared our present yet, what token can we present to our Father? What? What?

My children, there was a parent who lived in the province and who sent his son to study in (the city of) Manila. His son went gallivanting and bum around and did not study. Therefore, even though he returns to his father, there will be no diploma that he can present. He won't be able to take home a certificate of his study. Will he not be rejected by his dissatisfied, disappointed and bitter parent? The parent almost sweat blood in farming, and turned the night into day to work in order to finance the study of his son. But the son did not study and just went gallivanting and bummed around only. Will he not be rejected by his father who worked hard and struggled and suffered? Will this father accept this son in his return? His noble aim to bequeath help to his son is not realized because of the great negligence and irresponsibility of his own son. And if this son is rejected by his father who struggled and worked hard, can we blame the father? We cannot blame him because of endless pain that his son has brought him. And this is our Father in Heaven.

God gave us life and gave us things for our existence and what He wants us to find or asks us to do is to cleanse our heart and soul, our inner self, to be holy. And if we come very sinful, can we blame our Heavenly Father if He sends us to the fires of Hell? Will your mouth have the strength to open and accuse or blame? Will it not be our Heavenly Father who will denounce us or blame us without end?

I gave you life and I provided you things for your existence. I gave you the beauty of this world. I let you feel the heat of the sun and the drop of rain, the cool breeze. The beautiful fruits of plants that can satisfy your own bodies and the flowers that please your eyes. I gave you the woman who can cheer you up and I gave you the man who can give you an everlasting love. I gave you land of bounty. And besides these, foremost, I gave you My only begotten Son. And I did not only give you My only begotten Son but His blood and life were sacrificed also for you to save you from sins. How come you are here and had the courage to face Me and present your soul full of sins and filthiness. Go away, you souls who did not learn to obey Me. You are not worthy to live in the glory of my Heavens because you can make them filthy and obnoxious. Go away and go to the fires of Hell because I do not want you.

Can we blame our Father in Heaven if this is the denunciation and punishment to the disobedience that we will do? That is why, very truly I tell you while there is still time, while time is being given to you while you are still here on Earth, let us start turning away from the bitter sea of sins and we immerse or rinse in a clear, crystal clear water of the spring of life that is offered to us to cleanse our filth or dirt. It is still God with so much pity to man who is still offering the salvation of your souls. Do not disregard this invitation because very truly I tell you, sins will lead you to Hell but the rinsing in this clear and still water of spring can raise you to the glory of Heavens. However, this spring will not be with you for long because this will disappear, because God wants that you willingly search for it. However, instead of searching for this spring water, you even avoid it, shunning, and you don't even want that your dirty feet to step on it. The clearness of the spring water is inviting to cleanse your whole being.

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