Sermon 003

This is a part of what the Holy Spirit said on March 31, 1975 in observance of the Holy Week. Please note the meaning of the plea of Jesus to the Father when He said, 'Father, do not forsake Me.' Also, please note who the speaker is.


Father, do not forsake Me

I said, "My Father, My Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. And the people laughed and said, "He is saying that we are crazy not to know what we are doing."

And this is how I suffered. I moaned for thirst. They got a chalice containing a bitter mixture of bile and vinegar. They had a long stick with dirty cloth tied at the end. They soaked the dirty cloth in the bitter mixture of bile and vinegar in the chalice. They lifted it up to My lips and forced Me to drink it.

I looked up to heaven and said, "Father, do not forsake Me."

This is as if I was teaching you such kind of a plea.
This is as if I was teaching you that if you have suffering and
hardship, that you do not forget to call so that you will be rescued.
So that you will still learn the way to change.
So that we will still learn who you have to call to and cry out to in the
midst of your sufferings.
So that in that way, you will learn to come back to God.
So that in that way, your Lord will learn to listen to you.
So that in that way, you will learn the true way of asking for help, for
rescue, for deliverance.

O, let us ask for rescue. O, let us ask for help. 'My Father, do not forsake us.' Words that are so sweet for Me to hear. Words that even if I had suffered will serve as payment for My hardship. Words that will give Me happiness because I will know that there are those who are coming back to Me and seeking My care. These are ways of coming back to Me that will make Me very pleased. These are ways that will give Me life, that will give Me cheerfulness, for the sufferings that I bore because of you. These are things that I would like to be inculcated in your minds now and forever.

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