Sermon 002

This is part of a sermon of the Holy Spirit about "The Light of the People" said in the Filipino language which I translated to English.


"He is the Light of the people. And the Light shone in the dark. However, darkness did not recognize the Light because people preferred darkness over Light. If that was not so, if the Light that shone in the dark was recognized by darkness, we could not have had thieves today. There could not have been adulterers. There could not have been people who are discriminating and judgmental and who size you up. We could have had the rich aligned with the poor and the poor aligned with the rich. There could not have been wars. There could not have been people who would like to be superior to others because each would be humble or would be equal.

"There is one thing that God teaches people. And what is this? That we love one another. However, the rich do not want to love the poor and the poor are apprehensive and wary of the rich. We could have been united today.

"Because the Light was not recognized by darkness, that is why those in the dark remain in the dark. Those in the Light will remain in the Light and will make it even brighter because a bright light when we intensify it becomes full of brightness. However, we still see light which are flickering because they are full of doubts.

"Now, who is referred to here as the Light that shone? He is Jesus Christ whom the Father sent to the world. This Light assumed the form of a human being and lived with mankind and He gave the teachings. Jesus Christ presented to us the goodness and sincerity of the love of the Father in Heaven. However, people did not accept the Light and instead, put out the Light."


This sermon of the Holy Spirit has something to do with what is stated in the Bible. In John
8:12 and John 9:5, Jesus said "I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows Me will have the Light of life and will never walk in darkness."

Are we still in the dark? We better hurry up and change for the better. We better turn a new leaf in life. We better change our wrong beliefs. These were what the Holy Spirit told me last April 1999 of what people should do now. For very soon, a crisis will be ignited in the
Philippines which will spread throughout the world. This will cause the death of tens and even hundreds of million of people. It is now harvest time and God has already started harvesting the fruit of time. The fruit is us. So our stay here on Earth will not be long anymore. During this harvest, both the good crop and the bad crop will be harvested. Let us belong to the good crop to be put in proper containers. The bad crop, the weeds, will be thrown out and dried up and burned.

I plead to you. Please turn to God now before it's too late. Accept Him. Accept and believe Jesus as true God AND true man, and follow His commandments. Only then will we be able to save our souls from the fires of Hell.

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