Sermon 001

This is part of a sermon of the Holy Spirit regarding the reasons why God created us human beings.

Please note the use of parables by the Holy Spirit. It is just like Jesus relating parables in the New Testament.

After knowing why God created us and how unfair we have been treating Him, let us make amends. Let us clean very well the home of God in us so that He will remain and live in us from here on Earth to the glory of His Heavens.  



Why do we face our Lord God unclean? Why? Why? Why do we oppress Him? Has He done any tiny bit of oppression to us. Nothing. Why do we oppress Him? Why? Is it because what is right to us is that He is not in front of us and we don't feel Him? Is that so?

Where is God? Where is He? He is in Heaven and on Earth. He is in all His creations. Was each of us created by the Devil? Do we agree that we were created by the Devil? The Devil did not create us. Therefore, if the Devil did not create us, we will not exist if God did not create us.

Why did God create us? Why? Did God create us to hurt His heart? God created us to give Him comfort and consolation. God created us so that He can receive love from us. God created us so that He will have us to cheer Him up. God created us so that He will have us to give Him happiness. God created us so that we will obey His commands.

However, we face God in whatever state or condition. We don't give Him importance or respect. We don't care to face Him with a heart full of filth and uncleanness. We don't bother to clean His home. Which does He say is His home in us? It is our hearts.

As parents, don't we like to arrive in our home when our children have already cleaned the house? Isn't it like that? Don't we feel happy deep within ourselves when we enter our home where we live and sleep, the home is very clean and sparkling in its cleanliness? However, outburst of anger comes when we arrive in our home and find it as if there is bonfire inside. The chairs are scattered and out of place and footmarks are all over the house. Dust accumulates in every corner. Why are we like this? It is unfair. It is not even. We let the home of God to be filthy, and thick and dense like an impenetrable forest. If we always let the home of God be filthy, and thick and dense like an impenetrable forest, He will not enter anymore because surely it will not be ridden of snakes, centipedes, scorpions.

My children, the scorpions in your hearts are already gigantic. God does not want that you have grudges nor be haughty nor have bitter feelings because a haughtiness, a bitter feeling, an animosity, the equivalent is a huge scorpion with horns, and the equivalent is a centipede as large as the waist, and snake as colossal as a log.

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