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Based on the revelation of the Holy Spirit that Jesus was born on May 23, it has been determined that He was actually born in the year 33 BC.Results of the study is at Holy Spirit also revealed that Jesus was crucified and died on August 17.The year was 1 BC.Results of the study is at


Dionysius Exiguus fixed the birth of Jesus in 1 BC, 525 years after the fact.How sure was he?His assumption was negated by the above studies which were based on the dates that the Holy Spirit revealed.Who do we believe:Dionysius Exiguus or the Holy Spirit?


Since it has been proven that Jesus was born in 33 BC and not in 1 BC, and that He was actually crucified and died in 1 BC and not in about 33 AD, the year 1 BC can remain as the reference year.But instead of the reference year to be based on Jesusí birth, it will be based on His crucifixion and death.Hence, in the Aristean calendar, for the calendar to have a reference point as year 0, the year 1 BC becomes that year.The AD years will numerically be the same.However, those before 1 BC will differ by one.


To distinguish which reference is used, ADA and BCA have been introduced to indicate that the year 1 BC is based on the crucifixion of Jesus, and AD and BC, on His birth.The year AD 2008 is numerically the same as ADA 2008.However, the reference year 1 BC will be equal to 0 in the Aristean calendar.The year 100 BC shall be equivalent to 99 BCA.Further examples are found in


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