News articles have been written about the Aristean calendar in various newspapers since its first year of inception. The calendar was also featured in at least two TV programs.


The following are some of these newspaper articles and transcription of TV show featuring the calendar:


  1. Time on his hands - Fairfield Advance, 1992 November 3
  2. Transcription of TV news on Perpetual Calendar – National Nine News, Channel 9, 1992 December 2
  3. Aristeo proposes a perpetual calendar – Kembla News, 1993 January/February
  4. Boxed article by Editor-in-chief – Courier-Mail, 1993 September 30
  5. Time is right for a change – Macarthur Chronicle, 1994 April 26
  6. Parliament hears calendar proposal – Macarthur Chronicle, 1994 September 13
  7. Aristeo has time on his mind – Macarthur Chronicle Weekend Extra, 1994 December 2
  8. New Universal Calendar Proposed (Bagong Kalendaryo Ipinalalaganap) –
    The Philippine Community Herald Newspaper, 1995 January 20
  9. Dates would never have to change – Macarthur Advertiser, 1995 January 25
  10. Are you ready for a perpetual calendar? - Philippine Daily Inquirer, 1998 April 19
  11. Bid to introduce a new calendar – Liverpool City Champion, 2006 March 1
  12. Just one calendar forever – Liverpool Leader, 2006 March 1
  13. It’s a date and it won’t be forgotten – South Western Rural Advertiser, 2006 March 1


Please note that at the end of the article, there may be some notes as correction.


Journalists may pick up information about the calendar from these articles and from the website to write their own version. It will be most appreciated if a copy of the published article is sent to Aristean Calendar, PO Box 3832, Loganholme, QLD 4129, Australia for compilation.


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