Aristeo Canlas Fernando, Peace Crusader

Prophecy is the spoken or recorded utterance of a prophet, a declaration of something to come. The source of the following prophecies is a spirit, a holy spirit, and if you will believe it, THE Holy Spirit Himself. I, together with several others, have been fortunate and privileged to communicate with Him and record on audio tape such communications. We believe that the holy spirit we communicate with is none other than the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised. He must be the fulfillment of the promise of Jesus.

In John 15:13, Jesus promised that He would send the Holy Spirit "to tell us of things to come". This means that the Holy Spirit will prophesy. This makes the Holy Spirit a prophet. Jesus also called the Holy Spirit as the Helper, Comforter, Paraclete, and Spirit of Truth.

On October 19, 1979, the Holy Spirit revealed the following 19 prophecies. These were published in the Philippine Panorama, the Sunday magazine supplement of Bulletin Today, a Philippine daily newspaper, on March 30, 1980. (Bulletin Today is now known as The Manila Bulletin.)

For your information, prophecy 14 is AIDS. I got this confirmation from the Holy Spirit in 1986. The prophecy is spot on. GOT = acquired (AIDS is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome); ACUR = without cure; and AL = a suffix meaning characterized by. GOTACURAL, therefore, is a disease characterized by being acquired and being without cure. The Holy Spirit said that there will never be a cure for AIDS.

Please click the title of the prophecy for the evidences or proofs I have gathered proving the prophecy's fulfillment.


VIOLENT WEATHER - More violent manifestations of the weather will occur, causing devastation to both people and crops;


UNNATURAL AND UNBELIEVABLE OCCURRENCES - The world will witness a number of unnatural and unbelievable occurrences, which are nevertheless true. For one, certain infants will be born with fully-grown hair and a complete set of adult teeth. Scared by this phenomenon, mothers of these infants will be driven to getting rid of such offspring. This is one Providential notice of displeasure over mankind 's waning regard for the Kingdom of God;


PEOPLE'S RELATIONSHIP - Peoples' relationship with one another will take a bad turn and cause universal unrest;


CONFUSION OF WORSHIP - There will be worldwide confusion of worship caused by a lot of religious distortions by pseudo preachers for self-gain;


SIGNIFICANT REVELATIONS FROM HEAVEN - Heaven will make certain significant revelations which, however, will escape peoples' notice due to their engrossment in self-centered activities;


BREAK-UP OF FAMILIES - Breaking of families will come in many instances and places - brother against brother against sister against parents;


FIRES AND LIGHTNINGS - Fires will continue to wreck destruction all over the world, and lightning will demand quite a toll of human lives;


DROUGHT - Worldwide drought will plague mankind, with the obvious consequence of plant-and-crop shortage;


POPULATION EXPLOSION - Simultaneously, population will explode all over the globe, causing great turmoil;


UNPRECEDENTED SORROW - Unprecedented sorrow will rock the whole world in the second or third month of 1980;


ALIENATION FROM GOD - People will become alienated from God due to the fact that their prayers and supplications, which are all self-serving, will not be heeded by Heaven;


MIGRATION OF WILD ANIMALS - People will be horribly concerned over the migration of wild animals to towns and urban places - a foreboding sign of an imminent famine in the Philippines;


INSANITY - Disease of the brain, or insanity, will prevail in 1980, 1981 until 1988, especially in the three superpower countries;


GOTACURAL DISEASE - A disease known as GOTACURAL will occur in epidemic proportions all over the land, and such disease will be incurable even by the known specialists of the medical profession;


WAR - The ambition and motivation for war will be perennial inducements among all races until such inducements are made manifest three years after 1979;


NAMELESS DISEASES - Nameless diseases will spread the cause of which will not be known, and such diseases will exact a heavy toll of human beings and work animals;


WORM PLAGUE - Worms of all kinds will plague crops and ricefields to destruction; all vegetation will be affected;


WOMEN'S LAX ON CHASTITY - Young, unmarried women lax on their chastity or virginity, will give rise to birth of illegitimate children, driving these women to commission of widespread infanticide;


REVOLT OF THE ELEMENTS - The revolt of the elements will take a record high in the years following until the arrival or birth of the so-called 'anti-Christ'.

There are many more prophecies that were revealed by the Holy Spirit, such as the coming World War III, the destruction of this world, and the saving of the elect who will restart this world. They are unpublished but you can read them under the topic "Revelations of the Holy Spirit".

I welcome your comments on these prophecies. If you know of events about their fulfillment, please let us know. It has been 20 years now since the prophecies were revealed. Isn't that long enough to ascertain the fulfillment of the prophecies? Let us put them to the test.

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