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Who can make us be close to God?


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This is the original post in the newsgroup:


How can we go to Heaven where God the Father is?  Who can guide us?  Our priest, pastor, or minister?  The disciples of Jesus?  Jesus Himself?  How can we become close to God?  Do we need to bribe or pay anyone to gain entry to Heaven?


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I posted this explanation of the Holy Spirit after I raised questions in the original post:


The Holy Spirit asked us:  “Do you know who you should ask for help so that you will become close to God?  Are you all asking the question?”


The listeners answered in the affirmative.


This was the reply of the Holy Spirit: “There is no one you can ask for help so that you will become close to God except yourself.    No one can make you close to God except yourself, because very truly I tell you, if the doctor prescribes medicine and you as patients do not take the medicine, you will not become well.  Did you know, My children, what I am only doing for you?  I cannot help you to become close to God.  I Myself cannot do anything to help you become close to God.  What I am doing for you and the only role that I am doing is to tell you the way to God.  Okay, did you get that, Benigno?  (Benigno, and Anita Perez and Guillermo below, are some of the listeners of the Holy Spirit.)   Because, My children, if I, Saint Peter, Saint John, Saint Paul, or anyone, can do anything to make you close to God, Teodolfo would still be here until now.  Did you get that?  (Teodolfo was one former listener who, if I am not mistaken, left the group of listeners and did not believe in the Holy Spirit.)”


Anita Perez said, “Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.”  (“God gives mercy; man works for what he aspires.” - I hope I translated it properly. - ACF)  To which the Holy Spirit replied “Yes.” 


Guillermo said, “Just like what you said that no one can open the gate of Heaven …  He has not finished speaking yet when the Holy Spirit replied, “Yes.  I was surprised.  You startled Me.”    


Guillermo further said: “The key to Heaven is with us.”


The Holy Spirit said, “You are the key.  I just teach you how to use the key, if upside down or straight up or sideways, but not to open Heaven for you.  You will do the opening of Heaven.  I am just teaching you the way but if you do not want to listen to My advice and instruction (himaton in Pilipino), My children, I am sorry.”


So there you are. Because God gave us the free will, there are people who accept God and there are those who do not.  The choice is with us.  To those who believe in God and eternal life in Heaven, they have chosen to listen to Jesus for He is showing us the way how to go to the heavenly kingdom of God.  To those who do not want to believe in God and in Heaven, the Holy Spirit said that He is sorry.  It is their choice. 


There is still time to change but it has to be done as soon as possible, preferably now.  For we do not know when we will die which is more probable now than ever before.  If we die denying God, He will deny us too and not accept us in His kingdom.   If we continue with our sinful ways, do you think He will accept a filthy soul?  If we continue to believe in our wrong beliefs because the Devil has deceived us, do you think that God will accept us?


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I found in the transcription the fate of Teodolfo so I posted it as a follow-through of an earlier posting.


This is what the Holy Spirit said about Teodolfo who He said "would still be here until now" (meaning listening) if "He, Saint Peter, Saint John, Saint Paul, or anyone, can do anything to make you close to God": "The key of Saint Peter is correct.  Here is My key.  Use it.  But, por Dios por santo todo podoroso, the key of Saint Peter was thrown away.  How can one open the gate (of Heaven) without the key?  Like Teodolfo, he threw away the key of Saint Peter.  It only means that he did not want to use it, doesn't it, Benigno?"


The Holy Spirit continued: "My children, what is this that I am giving you?  Key.  Key.  Key that if you use it, you can open (the gate of Heaven) but if you throw it away, you will not be able to open (the gate of Heaven).  Isn't it, My children, the key to open a can of corned beef is attached to the can?  But if you lose the key, you cannot use the key (to open the can) anymore.  What is needed, My children, here is the key and this is the way to use it.”


What we are discussing here is opening our hearts to Jesus.  Who can open our hearts to Jesus?  Only ourselves, isn't it?  This is what Rev. 3:20 means, to wit (KJV): "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." 


The Holy Spirit’s explanation of Rev. 3:20 can be found in


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Here are some other comments that I was not able to post but which I include in this webpage:


God has given us free will that gives us the freedom to do anything we want to.  We can believe in Him or we can deny Him if we want to.  We can be a good and righteous person or we can be a bad person.  It’s our choice; it’s our decision to be a good or a bad person.


However, as His children, He sets a guideline for us to follow so that we don’t go astray.  So He gave us the Ten Commandments.  God also sent His only begotten son Jesus Christ who lived with us and taught us how we can go to where God the Father is.


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