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Meaning of Jesus knocking on our door


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This was posted in alt.religion.christian under the topic “Who can make us closer to God?”  This is the explanation of the Holy Spirit regarding Rev. 3:20 which was addressed to the angel of the church of the Laodiceans:
"Who placed a closed door that can only be opened by us?  And on this
door, God is knocking but we don't want to open it.  We just let Him
continuously knock but we don't open the door.  If there is someone
knocking on your door, do you come to the door to lock it or close it
firmly or nail it so that it will not open?  Or do you come to the door
to open it?  You come to the door to open it.  But God is ceaselessly
knocking at your door and you don't want to open it.  You don't want
Him to enter.
"'The Father loves the ones who love Me,' said Jesus.  I love the ones
who the Father loves.  And the ones I love, the Father loves.  The ones
the Father loves, I love and in their heart, we will build Our home
where We will live forevermore.  Therefore, the home of God is your
heart and the door built in front of you is your heart and in this
heart, God is knocking to live there forevermore.  But you don't want
to open because man loves himself so much.  He does not want to leave
himself.  And I tell you that if you do not leave yourself, you will
remain standing, and if you remain standing on yourself and you don't
want to bear the sufferings of God or of Jesus, you will remain in
yourself and you will lose your life.  And you will fall into the fires
of Hell.
“Now, God is in a hurry to live in His home but you do not want to
open the door and let Him in.  And you say that you have opened your
heart and let God remain and live in it.  However, you continue to give
Him there many snakes and you give many bedbugs and you give many
mosquitoes, and you give many flies and you give many centipedes and
scorpions.  Because you want God to stay away from His home.  You don't
want to give Him peace to live in His home.  What you let live in your
heart is what you will eat tomorrow."
What did He mean by us giving Him in His home (our heart) many snakes,
bedbugs, mosquitoes, flies, centipedes, scorpions?  Do these not
represent sins?
What did He mean when He said that what we let live in our hearts is
what we will eat tomorrow?  Doesn't He mean that what preoccupies us is
storing up riches for tomorrow?  Where then is our faith in God?
Isn’t it the way of Jesus is sufferings?

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