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I would like to share with you an extraordinary experience that I discovered lately to be an indication that Jesus is really God.


In 2002, my family moved from the state of New South Wales in Australia to the state of Queensland in the north.  Since we now live in Queensland, we could not continue using the special plate number of  FAF 888 we had in New South Wales.  FAF are the initials of my wife, Florentina, and 888 is our arrival in Australia--August of 1988, the eighth month of 1988.  Later, I discovered that 888 is the number of Jesus.  You may read about this story in my website.


When it was time to renew the registration of our car, I went to Queensland Transport at Woodridge on April 23, 2003 to register it in Queensland.  I requested the lady officer if I could have a registration plate with number 888 but there was not any.  The new box contains 240 to 259 only.  She got the first set and it was 240 ICD.  This was the number given to me which I just accepted.  Anyway, I said to myself, it will just be temporary for I planned to get a special plate number later with the number 888.


Later that day, I went to my wife’s place of work to fetch her.  I found a parking spot that was almost directly below the stairs from the porch of the building.  When my wife came down, she looked for our car with registration FAF 888.  She did not find FAF 888.  Instead, she recognized our car with the new plate 240 ICD because there are two ribbons attached on the radio antenna.


When she got into the car, she said that ICD means “I see Thee”.   It is like an abbreviated text message.  Thee is an old English word and is the objective case of thou.  Thee means you and if capitalized, it refers to God or the Lord.  So, ICD means “I see God”.  And this is how we can see God.  If He is in us, then we can see Him.


Last Sunday, July 13, 2003, I invited Father Ben Macajes, a Catholic priest who my wife and I have known when we were still in Sydney, to drop by our home after a function in a nearby suburb.  At home, he met my wife again and my mother-in-law.  I told him about the registration number of our car.  He was quick to point out that ICD is the Latin abbreviation of “Iesus Christus Dominus” which means Jesus Christ God.  After he had gone, I checked it out in our “The Random House Dictionary of the English Language” and there it is.  IC is Iesus Christus.  Dominus though means lord or master and not exactly God.


Then on Tuesday, July 15, 2003, while driving home, it came to my mind that the letter D in ICD may be the Latin word Deus.  When I arrived home, I checked the word out in the dictionary and true enough, there is a Latin word Deus which means God.  It can be abbreviated as “D.”.  So, ICD means “Iesus Christus Deus” – Jesus Christ God. 


Maybe God is serving me notice.  Why did I get ICD when I registered the car?  What does 240 stand for?  At present, I do not know.  Do you have any idea? 


At least, from now on, as Christians, we can use the acronym ICD and understand what it stands for—Iesus Christus Deus and “I see Thee”.  It is just like the symbol of the fish.  Or IHS which is the partial transliteration of the first three letters of the name of Jesus in Greek, Iesous (iota, eta, sigma, omicron, upsilon, sigma).  In Latin, IHS is the abbreviation of “In Hoc Salus” meaning “in this (cross) is salvation”.


I leave the decision to you if you will believe this or not.  I just would like to share with you what I discovered.

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