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During our session with the Holy Spirit on April 29, 1999, I asked questions regarding the Trinity.  The following is our conversation:


Aristeo:           Father, what is meant by “Jesus seated at the right hand of God?”

Holy Spirit:     To the right.

Aristeo:           Is that to the right?

Holy Spirit:     Yes.

Aristeo:           Isn’t it that they are just one?  Jesus Christ, He is also that God.  Why will He say to the right?

Holy Spirit:     Correct.  Correct.  Because there is God the Father.

Aristeo:           Isn’t it that God the Father is also Jesus Christ?

Holy Spirit:     Good.  That is correct.  But they were made into three—God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  That is only one but They were made into three.

Aristeo:           Father, You are that God the Holy Spirit, aren’t you?  You are also Jesus whose spirit lived in a physical body who we called Jesus.  Is that correct?

Holy Spirit:     Good.  For example, you.  Your child said, “Daddy, please buy me a dress.”  Then, your daughter said, “Daddy, please buy me a dress.”  But you do not have enough money to buy two dresses.  You will ask yourself, who between the two will you buy a dress immediately.  Who is that?  Question.  Isn’t it that it is you also?  Who did you ask?  Isn’t it that it is you also?  Who said which of the two will you buy a dress first?  Isn’t it that it is you also?  Therefore you are three.

            The one who made the decision is God the Father.  The One who was asked was God the Son.  God the Holy Spirit, what is He?  He is the answer.  You are three but you are only one.


For other illustrations of the Holy Spirit about this matter:

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I am just sharing these things to you which is my experience with a spirit, a holy spirit, who I believe is THE Holy Spirit.  He is actually Jesus.  We address the Holy Spirit as “Ama”, the Filipino word for father, or God the Father, as in this case.  These came from our sessions with Him which I transcribed and translated to English.  I do not force anyone to believe in these.  The decision is yours.  You may pick up what you think is good for you and discard whatever is evil, if any.


God bless us and protect us from harm always.


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