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Quatrain 6:24 may be a prediction for this present time.  The following is
the translation of Erika Cheetham, author of The Final Prophecies of
Nostradamus: "Mars and the scepter will be in conjunction, a calamitous war
under Cancer."  Her interpretation: "The sceptre here stands for Jupiter
and, according to Wolner, the only time the conjunction will occur is on
21st June 2002.  There will be a terrible war; this may be the war
Nostradamus has already predicted for the end of this century (20th
century), followed by a long era of peace."

Why did Nostradamus say "calamitous war"?  In Quatrain 2:62, Nostradamus
also said that "there will happen a dreadful destruction of people and
animals" when Mabus dies.  How could people and animals be destroyed?  By
chemical weapons?  By biological weapons?  By nuclear weapons?

Could those who are in the know about astronomy and astrology confirm the
conjunction date determined by Wolner?

I have posted before my analysis of Quatrain 2:62 under the title "Osama bin
Laden prophesied by Nostradamus?" which may be read in  Could we tie these
two quatrains to warn us of the impending calamitous war?

Godís peace reign in our hearts now and forever.

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