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The Book of Revelation in the New Testament is a book of prophecies.  When
will these prophecies be fulfilled?  Which period(s) of time would these
prophecies fit into?


The Holy Spirit told us that it is only now that the prophecies that are found in the book of Revelation of the Bible is being fulfilled. Nothing has happened in the past as what some Christian religions try to portray that such and such prophecy happened at such and such period of time.

I believe that the prophecies are really for this generation or this period of time. One striking point is the sheer number of the army that is mentioned in Revelation 9:16 two hundred thousand thousand or two hundred million (200,000,000). When, in the history of mankind, have such number of soldiers been mustered or assembled? Never. Never. However, today, this is not impossible. China with a population of more than one billion people, can it not muster such number? How about the Muslims from around the world? How about the Christians? How about the Hindus?

The Holy Spirit has been telling us that this is Last Day. He compared this time as like harvest time when the fruit of time will be harvested. God is reducing the number of people in this world until it dwindles down to just 144,000 people in the year 2200. These few remaining people will be the ones who will repopulate this world and they will experience peace for one thousand years. During this time, the Devil will be bound. After one thousand years and the population has grown again, the Devil will be released again to test the children of the chosen. Those who pass that test will be the ones who will be worthy to be with God.

What happen to those who have died and those who will die during this harvest? The next time that they will be brought back to life (something like being awaken) is on Judgment Day when Jesus comes back to judge them and those who are living here on earth that time.

Since we will not be reborn anymore and there will be no more chance to repent when we have died, while we are still alive now, we better repent and come back to God now before it is too late.

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