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I would like to share with you the following prophecy:

Prophecy No. 3 of 19 prophecies revealed by the Holy Spirit on October 19,
1979 states: "People's relationship with one another will take a bad turn,
and cause universal unrest."

The horrible events at the World Trade Center and at Pentagon are only parts
of a worldwide unrest that are being unfolded.  A big, wide conflict is
coming which will not end until the end.  The end will come when the few who
remain will realize that they are the chosen people who will renew this

All of us will die sooner or later.  So let us learn to accept that this
inevitable event will come upon us one day.  We therefore have to make our
soul always clean--ever ready to meet our Maker.  God is the one who
breathed the breath of life to us.  He gave us our life.  And when we leave
this earthly life, our spirit, that part in us which came from God, will
eventually return to God.  Let us make our spirit worthy to live with Him
eternally in His kingdom in Heaven.  Unworthiness only means condemnation
and eternal punishment in Hell.  Let us obey the commandment of Jesus Christ
to love our fellowmen as we love ourselves.

All the 19 prophecies can be found in my website which includes the prophecy about AIDS.

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