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Was Jesus lying when He said in Luke 21:29-33, Matthew 24:32-35, and
Mark 13:28-31 that what He predicted would all be fulfilled before the
generation at that time would have passed away?

This is Luke 21:29-33 from the Holy Bible, Revised Standard Version, to

And he told them a parable: "Look at the fig tree, and all the trees; as
soon as they come out in leaf, you see for yourselves and know that the
summer is already near.  So also, when you see these things taking place,
you know that the kingdom of God is near.  Truly, I say to you, this
generation will not pass away till all has taken place.  Heaven and earth
will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

The Holy Spirit who we are fortunate to communicate with asked us that
question if Jesus was lying in what He said.  The Holy Spirit said that
Peter, Matthew, Luke, John, and the other apostles and people during that
time have all died.  Their flesh has already decayed.  What may have
remained were their bones only.  But have all that Jesus predicted in Luke
21, Matthew 24 and Mark 13, been fulfilled?  You may say that they have not
happened yet.  So was Jesus lying?

According to the Holy Spirit, Jesus was not lying.  The Holy Spirit said
that there are people belonging to that generation who are still alive
today.  This means those people were reincarnated and will continue to be so
until everything that Jesus said would have been fulfilled.  Although
reincarnation is not explicitly said in the Bible, this is true according to
the Holy Spirit.

We should not however hope that we will be born as a human being again
or be reincarnated.  The Holy Spirit said that to most of us, this will be
our last existence here on earth.  When we physically die this time, our
return from the dead will only be when Jesus comes back to judge the living
and the dead.  That will be at the Last Judgment.  That is what people refer to as the Second Coming of Jesus.  Since there will not be any
chance anymore to repent in another life, now is the time that we should
repent.  Now is the time that we have to come back to God, to the true God,
to our Lord Jesus Christ.  Now is the time for us to know Him and love Him
and serve Him for we will not pass this way again.

If we die this time denying God, He will deny us also.  If we die this
time sinful and unrepentant, we can expect the tantamount punishment for our
evil deeds in the afterlife.  And that punishment will be forever.  However,
for those who have accepted God, who have accepted Jesus as their Savior,
who have followed and have obeyed the commandments of Jesus, who have
clung to Him until their last dying breath, the reward in the afterlife would be
life with God in His kingdom in Heaven forever.

We have now come to the last day, according to the Holy Spirit.  So we
have to prepare for our departure from our earthly existence.  The one
who will fetch us is now at our doorstep.  We have to be clean, ready to go.
Let us not waste our time.  Let us not procrastinate.  Do it now before it
is late.

God bless us always.

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