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According to the Holy Spirit we talk to, when Jesus was crucified, four
nails were used.  The left hand was nailed first.  The nail was driven
through His palm and into a pre-bore hole on the cross.  When the right hand
was to be nailed, the soldiers found that the hole was a little farther
away.  So they pulled the left arm of Jesus causing the joints to become
disjointed.  Then they drove the nail through His right palm and into the
pre-bore hole.  The feet were nailed with two nails--one nail through the
left foot and another nail through the right foot.  We can now visualize
Jesus on the cross with His outstretched arms, and feet side by side.  I
hope that with this revelation of the Holy Spirit, the portrayal of Jesus on the
cross with arms not outstretched, or nails through the wrists, or feet one
over the other, etc will be corrected.

The following are the names of the nails used in Jesus and where they
are these days:
        a. Right hand - Propram Amacnob - Rome
        b. Left hand - Nasarte Rasiob - Milan
        c. Right foot - Somaclorde - Carpentas
        d. Left foot - Salvoloray Cabaladoc - Paris
I do not know what language these names are from or where in particular they
are in the said places.  If you know, please inform us.

With regards to the two thieves who were crucified with Jesus on that
day, the one to the right of Jesus was Dimas and the one to His left was
Hestas.  Dimas was the one who said, 'Remember me, Jesus, when you come as King!', to which Jesus replied, 'I promise you that today you will be in Paradise with me.' (Luke 23:42-43, Good News Bible).  Hestas, on the other hand, was the thief who hurled insults at Jesus (Luke 23:39).

This is what the Holy Spirit said with regards to the nailing of the
feet of the two thieves.  Only one nail was used to nail the feet of Dimas.
His right foot was nailed over the left foot.  The feet of Hestas, on the
other hand, were nailed with the left foot over the right foot.

I would like to emphasize that I gathered these information from the
Holy Spirit we communicate with.  If you will believe it, He is that person
who was crucified.  He is Jesus Himself.

I invite you to read His sermon "Father, do not forsake Me" in my
GeoCities website (Topic 14).  There are other topics that I will be posting
for this Lenten season, such as 'Jesus resurrected in August' and 'Longinus
pierced the side of Jesus'.  The first topic is a revelation of the Holy
Spirit, and the second was transcribed from one of our sessions with Him and
translated to English for your information.

God bless us always.

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