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The following is the story about the three kings who arrived at the nativity site on the sixth of June 34 B.C. (14 days or two weeks after the birth of Jesus):

When Jesus was born, among the visitors were three wise men.  They
were actually kings who followed the Star of Bethlehem until they reached
the nativity site.

The names of these three kings are Melchor, Gaspar, and Balthazar.  They were
from Persia, Arabia and Sheba.  These kings did not know each other.  They
only met along the way while following the star.  When they reached
Jerusalem, the star disappeared.  At Jerusalem, the three kings asked the
people where they could find the Messiah.  As they neared the palace of
Herod the Great, they discussed whether they would drop by the palace and
ask Herod if he would like to come with them.  King Balthazar said that it
was just proper, and as a sign of respect, to drop by the palace and see
Herod and ask him if he would like to come with them.  The three kings sent
an emissary to ask permission from King Herod if they could see him.  Herod
agreed in order to know more about the child that they were seeking.

Herod allowed the three kings into the palace.  He asked them, 'Where are
the noble kings going?  I would like to know and tell me what your mission
is.'  The three kings answered, 'We are here because we would like to truly
worship the newly-born true King of the Jews.  We saw in our respective
kingdoms the star signalling His birth.  That is why, King Herod, tell us
where He is.'  What King Herod heard was deafening and he was troubled.
(The other parts of the story can be read in Matthew 2:1-14.  Micah was the
prophet who foretold the coming of the Messiah from Bethlehem, as stated in
Matthew 2:5-6.  Please see also Micah 5:2.).

When the three kings found Jesus, they immediately presented their gifts and
placed their scepters and crowns at His feet.  King Balthazar gave gold
because Jesus is truly King, owner and holder of gold and all creations.
King Gaspar gave incense to the Child because He is truly God, merciful and
savior.  And King Melchor gave bitter myrrh because He is a true man who
will save mankind from sin.

After a few days, they departed to return to their own countries taking
another way since an angel told them not to show up to King Herod (Matthew


There are parts in the above story regarding the birth of Jesus and the coming of the three kings that may not be in the Bible.  I do not force anyone to believe these.  The decision to believe or not rests upon you.  I am just sharing these to you.

God bless us always.

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