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In Revelation 2:1-3:22, God asked John to write a letter to each of the
angels of the following seven churches: Ephesus, Pergamum, Smyrna, Thyatira,
Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea.  Who or what is referred to as the

According to the Holy Spirit we communicate with, the church mentioned in
Revelation is us, the peoples of this world.  They are not only those who
believe in God but the non-believers as well.  In other words, all of us.

The following is a summary of what the Holy Spirit said to us when we
discussed this matter:
What is a church?  A church is a house.  The Spirit lives in the churches or
houses.  Which is the house?  You are houses.  Your spirit lives there.  The
house becomes destroyed but the one who lives in the house does not die.
Which is that?  Your soul.  That is the one who lives there.  Your house is
your physical body and the resident is your soul.  The Holy Spirit
accompanies you.

In another session we had with the Holy Spirit, this is what He said that is
related to the above topic:
Our physical body will be destroyed.  It does not die.  It does not have
life.  After God took some soil from the ground, He formed or shaped it like
His image.  But when God saw that the soil He formed was not moving, was not
breathing, He took pity and breathed into it the breath of life.  And it
breathe, moved and He called this a living soul  (Gen. 2:7).  Which then is
alive?  The soul.  Which do you say die if our physical body fall down flat?
The house has been destroyed.

Now, let us determine to which of the seven churches we belong to.  Have we
worked hard for the Lord?  Do we have patience?  Can we tolerate evil
people?  Did we scrutinize and found the people who are false apostles and
liars?  Do we love the Lord, our first love, like before?  Are we bearing
the sufferings done by our fellowmen on us?  Are we faithful to the Lord?
Are we following the teachings of Balaam?    Do we practice sexual
immorality?  Do we follow the teachings of the Nicolaitans?  Do we eat food
offered to idols?  Are we hot in proclaiming the words of God?  Are we cold
in our speech so as not to appear aggressive in convincing people to know
and follow Jesus?

Now that we know that the church refers to us, the peoples of this world, we
will know that the church is applicable to anytime of human history after
Jesus ascended to Heaven.  We can then realize what God does not like and
what God wants us to do.  By listening to Him, we will know whether we will
meet  His standards to be able to join Him in His kingdom in Heaven.

Let us repent of our sins, turn to God, and follow His commandments.  Let us
work hard for the Lord, have patience, and endure whatever sufferings that
may come our way in our journey through life.  Let us cling to Him until our
last dying breath for we know that the reward we will obtain is eternal life
in Heaven with our God.

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