Suicide is unpardonable


 In several sessions we had with the Holy Spirit, the question of suicide was brought up. Here is what He said in one of our sessions:

"If one commits suicide, what pardon will be granted? You have judged yourself. You have bypassed God. God is being bypassed extremely by that. One does not have the right to kill himself or yourself. You do not have that right. "Have you ever planted a lock of hair onto your head? And if you have not planted a single eyelash on to your eyelid, how could you have the courage to hurt your fellowmen and wound his skin? Or especially yourself?"

The bottomline is that a person who commits suicide will not be pardoned by God. God who gave us our life is the only one who has the right to take this life away. Suicide has a relation to what the Holy Spirit explained to us about the usual Bible passage used during marriage. Mark 10:9 and Matthew 19:6 state "Man must not separate, then, what God has joined together." When the Holy Spirit explained these passages to us, He said that now He was revealing the true meaning of those passages which until then remained unknown. He said that what God has joined are the spirit and the physical body. Man does not have the right to separate the two. Separation of the spirit from the physical body occurs when a person commits suicide or when he kills a fellow human being. We are violating therefore what Jesus said if we do commit suicide or kill our fellowman. No matter how much burden we bear in this world, we must never give up hope. We have to trust in God. Let us hope that He will put things right for us. What He wants is for our joy to be full.

So remember what the Bible says: he who clings until the end will be saved. Cling to Jesus come what may, no matter how heavy the burden we seem to have. There is hope and this hope is in Jesus. Do not commit suicide.

God bless us always

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