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Many among "born again" Christian groups, if not all, subscribe to the
concept of "rapture".  There are seven definitions of this word in Webster's
Third New International Dictionary.  If I got it right from what I have read
in the newsgroups, definitions 3 and 4 in the Dictionary are what the word
means:  "3 a) a carrying of a person to heaven; 3 b) Christ's raising up of
his true church and its members to a realm above the earth where the whole
company will enjoy celestial bliss with its Lord; 4 a) the state of being
carried out of oneself : spiritual or emotional ecstasy : possession by an
overwhelming emotion (as joy, love)".

I was surprised the other day when I found out that the word "rapture" is
not even in the Bible!  Do we reject this concept just because it is not in
the Bible?

How about the word "Trinity"?  It is likewise not found in the Bible.  Do we
just reject this concept of the "Trinity" just because it is not in the
Bible?  I hope not because there are really and truly three persons in one
God as confirmed to us by no less than the Holy Spirit Himself.  "Trinity"
is defined in the said Dictionary as "the union of three persons or
hypostases (as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) in one godhead so
that all the three are one God as to substance but three persons or
hypostases as to individuality."

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