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There are two Herods in the Bible:
1.  Herod whose byname is Herod the Great, the Roman-appointed king of
Judaea - It was during his reign when Jesus was born.  He ordered the
massacre of infants.  Jesus was saved because an angel instructed Joseph to
take his wife Mary and Jesus to Egypt to flee the killing that would happen.
2.  Herod Antipas - He is a son of Herod the Great.  He ruled as Tetrarch of
Galilee after the death of his father.  He was the ruler of Galilee
throughout the ministry of Jesus.

Herod the Great had another son whose name is Herod Archelaus.  In the
Bible, however, this son was just known as Archelaus.  After his father
died, he became the Ethnarch of Judaea, Idumea and Samaria.  It was during
his rule when an angel instructed Joseph that they could return home from
Egypt because those who would like to kill the child Jesus was already dead
(Matt 2:22).  Archelaus ruled Judaea for about ten years only after being
deposed by Rome because of his unpopularity with the Jews.

Was it Herod the Great who was eaten by worms and died, or was it Herod
Antipas?  It is Acts 12:20-23 which mentions Herod was eaten by worms and
died.  Since the book of Acts is about the activities of the early followers
of the Way of the Lord after Jesus had died and ascended to Heaven, we can
deduce that the Herod referred to here is Herod Antipas.  He was the
reigning ruler of Galilee during the ministry of Jesus and several more
years after the death of Jesus.

In the Good News Bible, Acts 12:20-23 states: "Herod was very angry with the
people of Tyre and Sidon, so they were in a group to see him.  First they
convinced Blastus, the man in charge of the palace, that he should help
them. Then they went to Herod and asked him for peace, because their country
got its food supplied from the king's country.

"On a chosen day Herod put on his royal robes, sat on this throne, and
made a speech to the people.  'It isn't a man speaking, but a god!' they
shouted.  At once the angel of the Lord struck Herod down, because he did
not give honor to God.  He was eaten by worms and died."

This portrayal of himself as a god is characteristic of Herod the Great and
not of Herod Antipas.  The former was a haughty person who thought very
highly of himself.  He did not like to have any rival.  He was the King of
the Jews.  That is why when he learned from the three kings from the east
that their purpose of their being in Jerusalem was to truly worship the
newly-born true King of the Jews, what Herod the Great heard was deafening
and he was troubled.  He felt especially betrayed when the three kings did
not show up to him after some time.  This made him more furious.

So he ordered his soldiers to search for the three kings.  When the soldiers
failed to find them, he ordered the decapitation of all infants two years
old or less.  Since the soldiers cannot exactly determine if a child is two
or three years old, they killed even those who are already three years old.
After decapitating, the soldiers let the blood drained from the body.  The
streets of Bethlehem almost became muddied because of the blood from these
innocent children.  Because of this despicable act, according to the Holy
Spirit we communicate with, God caused him to be eaten by worms while still
alive.  He had fever that did not subside.  The sweat that came out of his
body were worms ('uod' in the Filipino language; usually referring to
maggots).  His body had many wounds.  No one wanted to go near him. Everyone despised him due to his condition.  According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, he was in great pain and in mental and physical disorder.  After an unsuccessful attempt at suicide, he died.

I am citing this part of the Bible because it needs correcting.  It was not
Herod Antipas who was eaten by worms.  It was his father, Herod the Great.
That part in Acts, therefore, should be deleted and moved to Matthews
chapter 2.

According to the Holy Spirit, there are three people here on earth in whom
this condition happened.  One was Herod the Great; another was a person by
with a surname of Chico of Baliwag, Bulacan, Philippines which happened
during the past 50 years; and the third, I forgot it but I will review the
audio tapes of our sessions with the Holy Spirit to know who this third
person is.  This is what God who with His "sharp two-edged sword ... that
comes out of My mouth" can do (Rev. 2:12,16).  Because of His hatred to
their despicable acts, God said that such unpleasant things happened to

The Holy Spirit related to us what happened to Mr. Chico.  This is what
I can remember:  While Mr. Chico was still alive, worms ('uod' or
maggots) were already eating the flesh of his body.  It was smelly and
unsightly.  When he died, he was placed in a coffin which was sealed because
the worms were creeping out of the coffin and because of the smell of decay.
Worms were also crawling under the glass window of the coffin, that is why
the lid of the glass window was shut and not opened anymore to view the
corpse.  It was a horrifying sight.  Now, why did this happen to Mr.
Chico?  I cannot exactly recall but when I find the tape, I will let you

I am hoping that those parts in Acts and Matthew will be corrected.  These
are revelations from the Holy Spirit which I would like to share to you.  I
cannot force you to believe what I related to you.  It is up to you whether
you will believe it or not.  As far as I and several other listeners are
concerned, what we heard from the Holy Spirit is the truth.

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