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People are confused who to worship.  People are confused about the
various teachings of different religions.  People are confused which church
to join.  There is just a proliferation of religious groups--sects, cults,
denominations, mainstream religions--that truth is being clouded.

One of the 19 prophecies revealed by the Holy Spirit in 1979 states like
this:  "There will be worldwide confusion of worship caused by a lot of
religious distortions by pseudo-preachers for self-gain."  Have we not been
experiencing this?  Beginning the 80s, fulfillment of this prophecy has
become more evident.  Tele-evangelists were exposed and humiliated.  Members
commit suicide like in Heaven's Gate cult.  Members believe that their
leader is a messenger of God, or that God is in him, or that he is inspired
by God, or that he is even God himself.  Example is Branch Davidian whose
leader David Koresh believed that he is the reincarnated Jesus.  He,
together with more than 50 of his followers, perished in an encounter with
the US federal agents in Waco, Texas.  There is also Shoko Asahara who led
the Aum Shinrikyo (Supreme Truth) in Japan.  The group was found guilty of
attacking the Tokyo subway with the deadly nerve gas Sarin.  Do you see what
happened when a person becomes misled?

Please read in my website the sermons of the Holy Spirit entitled "Beware of
false prophets" and "The pauper in disguise" which are related to the above
prophecy.  Also, you may read the other 18 prophecies.

To answer the question which religion is correct, here is what the Holy
Spirit said when I asked Him this question:

"There is no religion that is correct.  Do you know which is correct?
Acknowledge Jesus Christ and have faith that He is true God and true man.
You will be saved by any religion because you will pick up what is good and
discard what is evil.  In other words, what will save you is your own
works and faith in the true God."

If our church teaches us a doctrine which is not in conformance with
what the Holy Spirit said, don't we think that it is high time that we
re-examine its doctrines.  In the first place, isn't it that the teachings
of our church are those of its founders and leaders?  Who would we
believe, man or the Holy Spirit?  The founder(s) of our church and its
leaders are just human beings.  Aren't they fallible?

The truth is simple.  It is in the Bible, in John 14:6.  Jesus said that He
is the way, the truth and the life.  No one goes to the Father in Heaven
except through Him.  This is just what we have to remember--that there is no
other way to Heaven except through Jesus Christ.  If any religious group
teaches other than this, better watch out because we may not enter Heaven.

Jesus said that if we deny Him here on Earth, He will deny us also
before His Father in Heaven.  If we do not acknowledge Him here on Earth,
He will not acknowledge us also.  Remember, what is at stake is our very
own soul which will live forever--either in Heaven or in Hell.  Better take
good care of our soul.  Let us scrutinize what our religious group teaches
us.  We may be being misled to the detriment of our soul.

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