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There are many so-called revelations from God to different people.  But how
can we know if the revelations came from the TRUE God?  In the Old
Testament, the TRUE God challenged the FALSE god.  The following were taken
from the book of Isaiah quoted from the Good News Bible:

Isaiah 41:21-24


The Lord, the king of Israel, has this to say:
"You gods of the nations, present your case,
Bring the best arguments you have!
Come here and predict what will happen,
so that we will know it when it takes place.
Explain to the court the events of the past,
and tell us what they mean.
Tell us what the future holds--
then we will know that you are gods!
Do something good or bring some disaster;
fill us with fear and awe!
You and all you do are nothing;
those who worship you are disgusting!"

You may read on until verse 29 for more of the Lord's challenge to the false

God is asking for any other gods who can predict the future, such as in:

Isaiah 43:9


"Summon the nations to come to the trial.
Which of their gods can predict the future?
Which of them foretold what is happening now?
Let these gods bring in their witnesses to prove that they are right, to testify to the truth of their words."


Here are more verses wherein God challenges other gods:

Isaiah 44:7-8


"Could anyone else have done what I did?
Who could have predicted all that would happen
from the very beginning to the end of time?
Do not be afraid, my people!
You know that from ancient times until now
I have predicted all that would happen,
and you are my witnesses.
Is there any other god?
Is there some powerful god I never heard of?"

Isaiah 45:21


"Come and present your case in court;
let the defendants consult one another.
Who predicted long ago what would happen?
Was it not I, the Lord, the God who saves his people?
There is no other god."

Isaiah 46:10


"From the beginning I predicted the outcome;
long ago I foretold what would happen.
I said that my plans would never fail,
that I would do everything I intended to do."

Isaiah 48:3-8


The Lord says to Israel,
"Long ago I predicted what would take place;
then suddenly I made it happen.
I knew that you would prove to be stubborn,
as rigid as iron and unyielding as bronze.
And so I predicted your future long ago,
announcing events before they took place,
to prevent you from claiming
that your idols and images made them happen.
All I foretold has now taken place;
you have to admit my predictions were right.
Now I will tell you of new things to come,
events that I did not reveal before.
Only now am I making them happen;
nothing like this took place in the past.
If it had, you would claim that you knew all about it.
I knew that you couldn't be trusted,
that you have always been known as a rebel.
That is why you never heard of this at all,
why no word of it ever came to your ears."

In the New Testament, Jesus made predictions, and they happened after Jesus
has gone.  Here are some of those predictions as cited in the booklet of
Gordon Lindsay entitled "Is JESUS the SON OF GOD?:
1.  Jesus predicted the fall of three cities: Capernaum, Chorazin, and
Bethsaida.  His prediction can be found in Matthew 11:21-24.
2.  Jesus predicted the fall of Jerusalem to take place within one
generation (Luke 19:41-44).
3.  Christ foretold the dispersion of the Jews (Luke 21:24).

Jesus said that He would send the Holy Spirit after He has gone.  This came
true right after Jesus ascended to Heaven.  This can be found in Acts 2:1-13
wherein the Holy Spirit came to the apostles and they were given the gift of
speaking in tongues.  They were able to talk in the native languages of
people who came to Jerusalem for a pilgrim festival and who had come from
different lands.

The predictions of Jesus happened because He is God Himself.  He made those
that He predicted to happen.  If Jesus were not the TRUE God, His
predictions would not have happened, would they?

Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit He would send "will tell you of things
to come" (John 16:13).  This is again being fulfilled.  What are the
predictions of the Holy Spirit?  You may read the 19 prophecies of the Holy
Spirit in this website.  This includes AIDS which is spot on.  There are
many more. 

Since the Holy Spirit can predict also, is He God?  Yes, He is.  Actually,
if you will believe it, the Holy Spirit is Jesus Himself.  The physical
Jesus had ascended to Heaven and the Holy Spirit was left to be with us
forever (John 14:16).  He is a spirit, a holy spirit.  We cannot see Him
(John 14:17).  This is how Jesus made true what He said that He would be
with us forever--as a spirit.

So my dear fellowmen, let us know who the TRUE God is.  Let us study the
revelations presented to us.  Let us pick up what we think is good for us
and discard what is evil.  We are accountable for the decisions we make in
our life here on Earth.

God has given us the free will to make our choices.  He did not impose upon
us what we ought to do.  Because He gave us free will, the decision is up to
us whether to believe in Him or not, whether to obey His commandments or
not, whether to do good or to do evil.  The decisions rest upon us.  So let
us use the intellect that God has given us to search for the truth.

Let us not be stuck with the pair of trousers that our parents had given us
when we were young.  (The pair of trousers, in a parable of the Holy Spirit,
refers to the religion that our parents gave us.)  Now that we are older and
mature, are we still wearing the pair of trousers our parents gave us?  Are
they still comfortable?  Is it not high time that we decide for our own
selves.  It is our very own soul that is at stake--our very own soul that
will live forever either in Heaven or in Hell.  (For your information, I was
baptized as a Roman Catholic when I was a baby because my parents were Roman Catholics.  Now, I consider myself as a non-denominational Christian, a plain follower of Jesus.)

There is very little time left but what need to be studied is much.  We
better hurry up in our search for the truth.  Let us hurry up in knowing who
the TRUE God is.

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