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Kill in the name of God!?

Jesus said in John 16:2-3 in the Good News Bible: "... the time will come when anyone who kills you will think that by doing this he is serving God. People will do these things to you because they have not known either the Father or me."

So, are we really serving the true God if we kill? Are we? The Holy Spirit said that we do not have the right to kill our fellowmen. It is only God who can take life away because He is the one who gave that life in the first place. God is the ONLY one who owns us. Nobody owns us except God. Have you ever heard these before? These are what I heard and learned from the Holy Spirit. And I believe they are true -- truth that came from the Holy Spirit Himself.

God gave us the Ten Commandments. The 5th commandment states "Thou shall not kill." This is plain and simple. We should not kill our fellowmen. And Jesus commanded us to "Love your neighbor like you love yourself." So if we love our self, we will not kill anyone because we don't want that anyone kill us. What we don't want to be done to us, we will not do to others. Isn't this a better commandment to follow than to give justification to killing -- even to killing our own relatives?

There is another passage in the Bible that relates to killing which was cited to us by the Holy Spirit. When He mentioned this, He said that the meaning of this passage is unknown and misinterpreted until then, even by the learned scholars of the Bible and by priests, pastors, ministers, etc. The passage is in Mark 10:9 and Matthew 19:6 which states, "Man must not separate, then, what God has joined together."

Does anyone know what this passage mean? You may say that this refers to the marriage of a man and a woman. Well, this is what the Holy Spirit said. What God has joined together are the physical body and the spirit. Therefore, if one kills himself (suicide), he is separating his physical body from his spirit. God forbids this. And if anyone kills his fellowmen, then, he is separating the physical body of the person from his spirit. God forbids this. God is the only one who can separate the physical body from the spirit and this is what we call death. Having known this, does anyone have the right the kill his fellowmen? Or himself? Always remember these: God is the one who gave us our life and He is the only one who has the right to take that life away. No one owns us except Him only. We don't have the right to kill our fellowmen -- whether the person is our own brother or sister or parent or son or daughter or anyone for that matter.

Let us use our intellect to understand the wisdom of this commandment of Jesus, the fifth in the Ten Commandments, and what Jesus said of what God has joined. God, as presented by Jesus, is like a Father who does not want His children to kill each other. He wants His children to love each other. As human parents, do we not want that our children love each other? As human parents, do we want that our children fight and kill each other?

I would like to mention the parable that the Holy Spirit said last April 1999 about the pair of trousers. I have written this in my reply to Navali regarding the question of the "Perfect Trinity". The Holy Spirit said that if our parents gave us a pair of trousers, will we wear this pair of trousers until we grow old? Won't we realize that the pair of trousers has become too small for our growing body? Won't we realize that it had become uncomfortable to wear? Besides, the style, color or design may not be to our taste anymore? This, He said when I asked Him about the unwillingness or reluctance or refusal of people to convert to another religion. Well, are we still wearing the pair of trousers that our parents gave us? Does it still fit us? That is, are we still following the religion that our parents gave us? How sure are we that they are correct? Now that we are old and mature, could we not make our own decision especially what is at stake here is our very own soul -- our soul which will live forever either in Heaven or in Hell.

No one is born to be an atheist or to be an agnostic or to be a theist. The Holy Spirit, who is the source of the 19 prophecies I presented in this NG, said that it is a person's decision to be an atheist, to be an agnostic, to be a believer of the God presented by Jesus, or to be a believer of any other gods. It is the person's decision. A person may decide to just believe in the religion given to him by his parents. So a Roman Catholic will remain a Roman Catholic until he dies, a Jew will remain a Jew, a Muslim will remain a Muslim, a Buddhist will remain a Buddhist. But whose decision was it to remain as such? Isn't it the person's own decision?

I hope that as we grow older, we will more enthusiastic in our quest for the truth, for the true God, to search for the Light. If our religion teaches us to kill our fellowmen in the name of God, think again. Evaluate the teaching of that religion.

If we stop killing our fellowmen, even in the name of whoever that god is, then we could achieve peace in this world. Let us live in peace with one another. Let us stop killing our fellowmen.

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