By Aristeo Canlas Fernando, Peace Crusader



ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT - The United Nations, which presently is the defacto world government, should be designated officially as the World Government. In order that this government will be able to execute its functions, it has to be financially strong. To achieve this, all natural resources of the world will be owned and managed by this government. These will be its main source of revenue. The motivation to invade neighboring countries because of their wealth will be eliminated, thereby avoiding wars.


ONE GLOBAL ECONOMY - Tariffs and barriers among nations must be removed. Free trade has to be promoted.


ONE INTERNATIONAL CURRENCY - National currencies will be eliminated and only one currency will be used throughout the world.


ONE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE - This will be the official language of the world for business, diplomacy, education, science, etc. All other languages will be secondary only to this. This language uses letters of the Roman alphabet and the Arabic numerals.


BUILDING OF ARISTEAN PLANNED CITIES - Cities of 1 000 000 people will be built around the world to provide mankind with high quality of life. This is implemented by the World Government using the revenue it derives from the natural resources it owns and manages. This will distribute wealth to resource-scarce areas but with land available for human habitation.


STANDARD PERSON'S NAME - To avoid confusion, a person's name will be composed of one or more given names, the family name of the mother, and the family name of the father, in this order to give recognition to both mother and father.


ADOPTION OF THE ARISTEAN CALENDAR - To simplify the system of time-keeping, the Aristean Calendar is used throughout the world as its official primary standard calendar for business and diplomacy.


FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT OF PEOPLE - All the peoples of the world will have the freedom to live, work and travel anywhere. Let us make this world as one nation and we, its citizen.


NO PRIVATE LAND OWNERSHIP - All lands are owned by the government. They can only be leased for a maximum of 50 years renewable. No one owns anything in this world, even those claimed by the so-called indigenous people as their ancestral lands. We all came into this world naked. We brought nothing with us into this world. We will also leave this world with nothing except--faith in God.


MORAL REGENERATION - In order to stop war, criminal activities, and man's inhumanity to man, love for our fellowmen will have to be instilled in the hearts and minds of people. We have to realize that we all came from God. Hence, we are all brothers and sisters. We only have one Father, and that is God. We should live together in peace and harmony.


These are practical and sensible ideas which if only we implement them on a global scale, we would be providing a better quality of life to all and we could be living in peace and in harmony. It is not only us who will benefit but our children as well, and the children of our children, and all the future generations. It has to start sometime and that time is NOW. So let us move and act now. As one wise person said, "If we don't speak up, who will speak up? If we don't move, who will move? If not now, when will it ever be?"

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