General Indications Report


Name: Aristeo Fernando Case No.: 32874


Age: 42.01 Sex: Male



You completed the Differential Test Battery at BHP S&PPD on the 25th. September, 1989. This report has been prepared by computer from the results of these tests.


This report should be read in conjunction with the attached appendix which explains the tests in terms of occupational concepts.


A very high level indicates a score in the top 10% when compared with a cross section of others in the general population. A high level is in the next 20% and an average level is in the middle 40%. A low level indicates the next 20% and a very low level the last 10%. These levels correspond to the normal distribution of abilities in the community.



Intellectual Power


The results indicate a high level of intellectual power suggesting an ability to understand easily the basic principles of a problem and to work out a solution from those principles. Occupationally, this is quite sufficient for the majority of jobs, although you may find some abstract concepts and highly technological areas, such as research in the pure sciences, require hard work.


Intellectual Talents


The test scores suggest an all-round type of talent with no specific weaknesses, nor any pointers to one particular type of career being any better suited to your talents than any other. As such you are likely to meet with an equal degree of success in a wide range of occupations. You can cope equally well with verbal and numerical concepts and are also at home with drawings, designs, plans etc.


The high level of your ability indicates that you should do well in the great majority of fields in line with your other abilities and interests. The type of career you find best suited must depend primarily on your other abilities and interests as well as any opportunities you may have to enter into certain occupational areas. This all-round ability is advantageous in jobs requiring a wide spectrum of tasks to be performed and so administrative areas are likely to be more congenial to you than specific technical fields.


Practical Aptitudes


Your scores suggest a high level of general practical ability, with no indication of a bias either towards the step by step or the overall view. You appear able to take an overview of a situation while also seeing the details, keeping things in perspective.


The high level indicates that you are very capable when dealing with down-to-earth, practical problems.


General Approach


The scores show that you have no habitual type of approach to problems, but that you will use the kind that is most appropriate to a given situation. When dealing with a practical problem you will use a practical, down-to-earth type of approach, and will be concerned with the practical outcome and the application of your solutions. However if in an academic or theoretical field you will again be able to adopt an appropriate type of approach and not be too concerned if the work you need to do has little direct practical application. This ability to treat problems in a suitable manner is advantageous in many occupations especially those encompassing a wide variety of responsibilities where it is necessary to be competent with both theory and getting practical results.


Manual Dexterity


Taken together the two manual dexterity test scores suggest an average level of speed, when tackling manual tasks, coupled with an equal level of manual skill.




The scores indicate an outward-looking and quite flexible nature. You appear to be very confident in yourself and what you do, and able to cope with a front-line position. You appear to have an independent outlook, and although co-operative, you probably like to think for yourself and not just to follow rules. You should be able to cope well in open-ended situations, accepting new ideas easily with a pragmatic outlook. You appear to be direct in your manner, and able to fit well into a team.


Your initiative and flexibility suggest that you will be able to make the most of your abilities in an appropriate area.


Overall Bias


Both your abilities and temperament characteristics appear to be equally evident in your total make-up. Occupations where both of these aspects of your make-up can be utilized will be more congenial to you. Your independent nature complements your abilities.





Summary of Test Results


Name: Aristeo Fernando Case No.: 32874

Age: 42.01 Sex: Male


The overall level of abilities is high. The following chart shows the levels of abilities compared with one another.


Test type

Very Weak




V Strong

Intellectual power






Verbal ability






Numerical ability






Perceptual ability






Spatial ability






Mechanical ability






Mental awareness






















Manual speed






Manual skill







Intellectual power - Ability to solve complex, often technical, problems.


Verbal ability - Ability with words and verbal concepts.

Numerical ability - Dealing with numbers and thinking quantitatively.

Does not necessarily indicate mathematical skill.


Perceptual ability - Dealing with direct observations and with real things rather than words or numbers.


Spatial ability - Dealing with plans, shapes; taking an overview.


Mechanical ability - Dealing with simple mechanical ideas and details analyzing things. Together with spatial ability this indicates practicality.


Mental awareness - Awareness and mental alertness.


Flexibility - Mentally flexible, able to change direction of thought.


Commitment - How sure someone is of his capabilities and how willing he is to apply himself fully.


Initiative - How many ideas a person has. Confidence to stand on his own feet and take responsibility.


Manual speed - Taken together these two tests indicate how quickly a person works with his hands.

Manual skill The difference between them indicates how accurately they tend to work manually.

Prepared for: BHP S&PPD Date of test: 25th. September, 1989