Prophecy No. 12 - People will be horribly concerned over the migration of wild animals to tows and urban places--a foreboding sign of an imminent famine in the Philippines.

Has this prophecy been fulfilled? Yes, partly as of May 1, 2001. The migration was fulfilled in 1986 when the communist rebels came down from their mountain lairs to talk "peace" with the Philippine government. Corazon "Cory" Aquino was just installed as president when she agreed to a "peace talk" with the communists. Since then, the communists have been present in Metro Manila and other urban areas. They have been talking on television. They are freely recruiting members which are becoming a big force to reckon with now. Their number in the tens of thousands was evident during the funeral of Filemon Lagman who was an avowed communist assassinated at the University of the Philippines campus in Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila in March 2001. Lagman's strategy is to overthrow the government by controlling the urban areas. The rural areas will easily fall once the government has been toppled down. This strategy of Lagman is opposite to the usual strategy of the communists.

I found this prophecy in 1982 and I thought that the prophecy talked literally about wild animals in the forest, like snakes, wild boar, monkeys, etc. which will come down the mountains and go to towns and cities. In 1986, I asked the source of this prophecy, no other than the Holy Spirit Himself, if the prophecy has been fulfilled. His answer was, 'Here they are now.' I asked, 'Who?' His answer was the same. Then, I asked if they are the NPAs (New People's Army, the military arm of the Communist Party of the Philippines) and He answered in the affirmative.

Back in 1986 or 1987, the Holy Spirit also said, "You will be surprised that you will already be surrounded by the communists." Do you not suspect that there are people who join peaceful rallies who are waiting for opportunities to take advantage of the chaotic situation to grab power? Take the case of People Power II which ousted the then President Joseph Estrada in January 2001. Don't you think there were communists among the marchers who went to the Malacanang Presidential Palace to forcibly oust the President? Who created a tense situation as the marchers neared the palace? The storming of the Palace at about noontime was called off because Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was sworn in as the new president at the Edsa Shrine, about 10 km from the Palace. In addition, Estrada was about to flee from the Palace.

Again, in the early hours of May 1, 2001, after a rally of the pro-Estrada group at the Edsa Shrine at Ortigas Avenue, many rally participants marched to the Palace to besiege it. They were able to reach the gate of the Palace. Do you not suspect that among the marchers were communists? Why did the march become violent causing the death of a riot policeman and two marchers, the injury to more than a hundred people, the overturning and burning vehicles, looting and vandalism? The Filipino people just became surprised at the unexpected violence that happened. How come that it became that violent? Was it to create a chaotic climate?

The communists are just waiting for opportunities to seize control of the government. According to the Holy Spirit, they will be successful. The Philippines will fall to the communists causing an "imminent famine" of the country. When this happen, then the prophecy will be fulfilled completely.

I just don't know how this prophecy tie with two other prophecies of the Holy Spirit. They are: 1) World War III will start in the Philippines, at the Spratly Islands in particular. 2) China will invade and occupy the Philippines just like what Japan did to the country in World War II.

China will be involved in the coming World War III. Maybe, in their occupation of the Philippines, China would install the Filipino communists to assist in ruling the country.

Pray to God, my fellowmen, to enlighten the minds of people. Pray also for your protection and safety. Believe in Jesus Christ and follow His commandments. Love your fellowmen. Don't be afraid. Now that you know what is in store for the Philippines in the future, be prepared. Be steadfast in your faith in Jesus Christ. Cling to Him until the end. Don't wait until tomorrow to change any of your wrong and evil ways. Do it now. Change your wrong beliefs also now.

I am neither against the communists nor a communist sympathizer. I see them as human beings who I would like to reach out to share to them knowledge about God for the salvation of their soul. I am not a politician nor do I have any political ambition. I don't want to be involved in politics. What I would like to do is to share with all the peoples of the world spiritual revelations like these prophecies so that we will be able to face the tests and trials that are forthcoming with steadfastness and firm faith in the true God, our Lord Jesus Christ. Hopefully, with these revelations, we will come back to God and believe in Him and follow His commandments. And in doing so, God will reward us with a life in His heavenly kingdom forever.

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