Transcribed and translated by
 Aristeo Canlas Fernando

This was extracted from our session with the Holy Spirit on 1999 April 11 regarding the commissioning of Aristeo Canlas Fernando as one of His fishermen [fishers of men].


Ama: And you, Aristeo, why you have come home here, so that you can perform your duty. You do not have any other duty. Your duty: to look for people.

Aristeo Fernando: My duty is to look for people?

Ama: Yes. In other words, you become a fisherman [fisher of men].

Aristeo: Father, regarding my fishing, for example, one is on radio. Secondly, on the Internet. I also talk to people. I talk about You and what I say is that time will come, God will have ways so that You will be known to people. The way that I see it, the calendar will be my introduction to the world, and after that, then, I will be able to introduce You and the world will know Your teachings.

Ama: You must be a fisherman [fisher of men]. And in your fishing, you have to catch quickly because it is near. The last day is near. You have to do all the things.
All who are here have to fish but for a long time now, they have not caught any fish because they are lazy to fish.

     You [Aristeo], work hard. You fish hard.


The Holy Spirit Himself assigned Aristeo Canlas Fernando to fish, not fish per se but people [to be a fisher of men].  This is his only role.  He has been doing this through the Internet to reach out to all people in the world.

He first thought that through his proposed Aristean calendar, the world would know him and then he would introduce the Holy Spirit.  He thought the calendar would be implemented in 2001.  When the calendar was not proclaimed at the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia in 2000, he ceased promoting it.  He knows that it is destined to be implemented one day but in His time, in God’s time.  He ceased his radio program about May 1999 and concentrated on the Internet.

In his studies from 1999 until 2006, he was able to prove the revelations of the Holy Spirit that Jesus was crucified and died on August 17 and was born on May 23 are true and correct.  The year of His death: 1 BC, and the year of His birth: 33 BC.  The results of these studies regarding the crucifixion and death of Jesus and His birth are on the Internet.

Beside the signs that he presented at Signs Behind God’s Calendar and 888 – Number of Jesus, there are other signs that he discovered since 2000 that will prove that God has chosen him to be a fisher of men and present  the teachings of the Holy Spirit to all.


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