Prophecy No. 13 - Disease of the brain, or insanity will prevail in 1980, 1981 until 1988, especially in the three superpower countries.

Clearly, the disease of the brain referred to in the prophecy is insanity or mental disorder and not diseases of the brain like encephalitis which is most often caused by infective organisms, such as bacteria, protozoa, helminths or worms, and viruses.

Mental disorders may be:
1. Anxiety disorders such as phobias, panic disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. This is the most common group of psychiatric problems;

2. Abuse or dependence on drugs and in most cases, linked to alcohol;

3. Affective or mood disorders, such as major depression and manic depression. Depression, a feeling of hopelessness, can sometimes lead to suicide. It is often accompanied by problems in eating and sleeping and reduced activity. It may alternate with mania, involving increased activity and delusions of grandeur.

4. Schizophrenia, the most severely disabling of mental illnesses. It can involve psychotic disturbances in thought, accompanied by withdrawn or bizarre behavior and hallucinations. Another is anti-social personality disorders. These are deeply ingrained behavior patterns, such as a low frustration level and an incapacity to feel guilt, that bring a person into conflict with others.

Craziness comes in different forms. It may be for self-glorification, uncontrolled obsession, mass and indiscriminate killing, depression, frustration.

Now let us analyze the prophecy. It states that insanity would prevail in 1980, 1981 until 1988. How could we ascertain that insanity really prevailed in those years? Was there really a very significant increase in the number of mental cases during those years?

It also states that insanity would prevail especially in the three superpower countries. The superpower countries are the United States, the Soviet Union or the USSR in the 80s, Great Britain, France, and China. These are also the permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations. We may also include the economic superpowers, such as Japan and Germany. But which among these countries are referred to in the prophecy as the three superpower countries where insanity would be prevalent? I would say that they are the United States, the Soviet Union and Great Britain. I must admit that I do not have information about the problem of insanity in the Soviet Union in the 80s because of censorship imposed during the communist regime there.

The prophecy, however, does not limit the prevalence of insanity to these superpower countries solely. It says "especially". Therefore, insanity is also common in other countries aside from these three.

Now, what happened in 1980, 1981, 1988 and in the intervening years in the three superpower countries that would show that insanity prevailed?

The following are the significant events that happened from 1980 which I believe show that the prophecy was fulfilled. Prominent personalities became victims, like John Lennon, US President Ronald Reagan, and Queen Elizabeth as if to underline that the problem of insanity was real and prevalent. If the attacks by madmen happened to an ordinary person, will they make into the international headlines? Most likely not. They would have been ignored. But if it involves mass and indiscriminate killings which is extraordinary, then it could, like the "Hamburger Massacre", "Dunblane Massacre" and "Port Arthur Massacre".

In about 1986, I asked the Holy Spirit if 1988 would be the ultimate, the final act of madness or insanity of man since the prophecy states "until 1988". He replied in the negative. That is why even after 1988, we had cases of insanity committed by madmen. And we will continue to witness these.


December 8, New York City, USA

John Lennon, a member of the world famous English musical group Beatles was assassinated by a confused, suicidal young madman named Mark David Chapman at the elegant apartment building where Lennon and his family lived.

Chapman was a loner who idolized John Lennon. In fact, he had an obsessive identification with Lennon. He used to play Beatles songs constantly on his guitar. Working as a maintenance man at a Honolulu condominium, he masqueraded himself under the name John Lennon by taping over the ID badge he wore on his chest. His emulation of Lennon included his marrying a Japanese several years his senior.

John Lennon was eliminated by his alter ego who used especially destructive hollow-point bullets in the shooting to ensure his death. Chapman pleaded guilty and was given 20 years to life for the murder of John Lennon.


March 30, Washington D.C., USA

John Warnock Hinckley, Jr., a 25-year-old drifter, shot and seriously wounded US President Ronald Reagan and three other men at the Washington Hilton Hotel. Reagan had hardly begun his term of office when he fell victim to this assassination attempt. Fortunately, he made a remarkable speedy and complete recovery. The gunman, Hinckley, said he wanted to impress and attract the attention of the young actress Jodie Foster, 18 years old then, whose love he tried to win by shooting the President. Time Magazine wrote, "By any standard of common sense, it was an insane act: shooting a President to win the affections of a movie star."

Four months before the shooting, Hinckley's family was on the brink of sending him to a mental hospital but was talked out of it by his psychiatrist.

Hinckley was acquitted in the assassination attempt by reason of insanity on June 21, 1982, and was held in a mental institution.


July 9, London, Great Britain

Michael Fagan, a 32-year-old laborer and drifter created a sensation when he intruded into the bedroom of Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. The queen woke to find him sitting on her bed, blood dripping on the bed from a cut hand and holding a broken ashtray. He chatted with her for 10 minutes before help arrived. A police inquiry said he originally intended to slash his wrists while she watched. It was his second break-in at the palace in five weeks. Fagan's family said he claimed he was in love with the then 56-year-old monarch.

On October 12, 1982, he began an indefinite stay at a top security mental hospital after psychiatrist told the Criminal Court that Fagan was mentally ill and a danger to the queen.


Early October, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Widespread panic among the American consumers happened when capsules of Extra-Strength Tylenol, America's top-selling painkiller produced by Johnson and Johnson, was laced with the deadly poison cyanide that kills within 15 minutes. Seven unsuspecting people in the Chicago area were killed. Time Magazine wrote "the victims could have been anybody. They had been murdered by remote control, by a poisoner who had no way of guessing in even the most general sense who his victims might be--men or women, young or old--and could not have cared."

Who could be capable of such an act? What did the murderer hope to gain? What are the causes of such deranged behavior?


July 18, San Ysidro, California, USA

This is called the "Hamburger Massacre". It happened in a predominantly Hispanic Southern California border town of San Ysidro.

James Oliver Huberty, 41 years old, walked into a McDonald's restaurant with three loaded weapons including the Israeli-made Uzi machine pistol and pockets stuffed with ammunition and started slaughtering people whose ages ranged from 4 months to 74 years. Twenty-one people died and 19 wounded giving the United States the biggest massacre in its modern history until that time. He was killed by a police sharpshooter. Huberty was a one-time undertaker who lost his job as a security guard a week earlier. Neighbors described him as an unfriendly man who liked guns.

On the day of the massacre, Huberty took his wife and two daughters with him to the traffic court to settle a $75 citation, to a different McDonald's in northern San Diego for breakfast, on a family outing at the San Diego zoo, and then back to the apartment. When Huberty started to leave the apartment, his wife asked, "Where are you going, Honey?" "I'm going to hunt humans," he replied. Mrs Huberty said she didn't know what he meant.



In the 80s, money or financial worries drove an alarming number of middle-aged Japanese to commit suicide. Most in the over-65 group killed themselves because of sickness. In one year alone, 21,288 persons killed themselves. That was equivalent to 18 persons out of every 100,000.


March 16, Dunblane, Scotland, Great Britain

Thomas Watt Hamilton shot dead 16 children, their teacher and then himself after bursting into Dunblane Primary School. The world was shocked in the "slaughter of the innocents".

A former scout leader told Hamilton that he was not suitable to continue in his post as a scout leader. He formed the impression that he had a persecution complex, that he had delusions of grandeur and he felt his actions were almost paranoid.


April 28, Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia

Martin Bryant, age 29, slaughtered 35 people and injured 19 which was to become known as the "Port Arthur Massacre". Most of the victims were tourists who sought the tranquility of the place as a refuge from the pressures of modern life only to find their tragic end there.

Bryant was described by his neighbors as a man of shifting moods, bizarre habits and a fondness of firearms. His eyes were sort of blank. He was a loner.

Is there any safe place for us now? Don't you think that our life is more in danger now than ever before? It is only God who can protect us. Trust in Him and place our whole being under His care. This prophecy, like the 18 others, happened because it was a revelation from God.

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