What is a better start to a new century and a new millennium than a new calendar! Yes, let us adopt God's calendar - the Aristean Calendar. Let us implement this is on January 1, 2001. It is the best time; it is the start of the Third Millennium and the 21st Century. Very significant date, indeed!

The Gregorian calendar is currently used in most areas of the world either as the primary calendar or in conjunction with the local calendars. It is unanimously and universally accepted as the primary calendar for international business and diplomacy. It co-exists with traditional calendars which are essentially religious in character. At this point, I emphasize that the Aristean calendar is designed to replace the Gregorian calendar only and not the secondary calendars, such as the Jewish, Islamic, Chinese, etc.

I also emphasize that the adoption of the Aristean calendar does not necessarily mean that the Gregorian calendar is dropped immediately. Computer programs and databases still have to be adjusted to use the new calendar. Hence, a transition period is set, say five to ten years, in order that all will be Aristean calendar-compliant. During this period, both the Aristean and Gregorian calendars are used simultaneously. At the end of the transition period, every one shall use only the Aristean calendar.

(The transition may be similar to the euro, the common currency of several European countries. These countries have been trading in the euro and in their respective national currencies since January 1, 1999. However, after the transition period of three years, on January 1, 2002, all of them will only be using the euro as their single common currency.)

I believe, you, in your own simple and special way, can be instrumental in this change. How? By informing our e-corres (e-mail correspondents). And they in turn inform theirs. This way, we harness the Internet to inform the four corners of the world in no time.

I am appealing to all the peoples of the world to form national movements in support of this calendar. I am also appealing to the Australian Government and the Sydney Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (SOCOG) to assist in promoting and in gathering support for this calendar. Hopefully, during the closing ceremony of the 2000 Olympic Games, the world will be prepared for its presentation as a gift. A memorable, unique, and long-lasting gift of Sydney to the world to mark its rare opportunity of hosting the 2000 Olympic Games. A gift of Australia to the world in commemoration of its Centenary of Federation. And the gift or legacy of this present generation of mankind to future generations in commemoration of the true start of the Third Millennium on January 1, 2001.

As one wise person said,

"If we don't speak up, who will speak up?
If we don't move, who will move?
If not now, when will it ever be?"

Let us all speak up and move NOW to have this calendar implemented. And the best time to leave this legacy is NOW as we start a new millennium.

God has given us signs that the Aristean Calendar is the best calendar for us at this time of human history. Let us work for its adoption now. It is a sensible move.

Note: This WebPage was prepared prior to the Olympic Games in September 2000. In as much as the Aristean Calendar was not presented at all during the Games, this could just be used for academic purposes. Proclamation is the only option left to have the calendar implemented when we start the Third Millennium. Please read the topic on Proclamation.

AF, December 31, 2000

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