Prophecy No. 14 - A disease known as GOTACURAL will occur in epidemic proportions all over the land, and such disease will be incurable even by the known specialists of the medical profession.

In the annals of history, has a disease occurred prior to 1979 in epidemic proportions all over the world which even the known specialists of the medical profession could not find a cure? After 1979, was this prophecy fulfilled? Has a disease by the name GOTACURAL occurred?

The prophecy was fulfilled only after 1979. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) perfectly fits into this prophecy. AIDS has spread worldwide in epidemic proportions. Not only in a particular place but all over the world. Millions have already died and tens of millions more have HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) or AIDS. The number of people acquiring HIV-AIDS is rising every month.

So far, after 20 years since it was first reported, the specialists of the medical profession have not found a cure. Even with the latest optimism of a bold new approach to AIDS treatment called combination, or cocktail, therapy, a cure is still not at hand. And I am sad to inform you that a cure will never be found as what the Holy Spirit replied to me when I asked Him regarding its cure in 1986. Never. Never. He also confirmed that the disease He named GOTACURAL in the prophecy is AIDS.

The disease was first diagnosed in 1980 as Gay Related Immune Deficiency (GRID) because it was first reported among the gay community. When other groups were found to be suffering from the same illness, such as the Haitians, hemophiliacs, and drug addicts, the name was changed to AIDS in late 1982.

When I found and first read the prophecies in 1982 (two years after their publication in 1980), I was expecting a disease by the name of GOTACURAL. By 1984, I had not read any disease by that name. AIDS, however, was becoming a concern as it was spreading alarmingly in epidemic proportions and there was a clamor to find a cure for it immediately. Many people were dying of this dreadful disease.

This was when I began to suspect that GOTACURAL may be AIDS. My first clue was GOT in the name GOTACURAL which is synonymous to acquired. AIDS, as we know it now, is a disease that is acquired, hence, the name. AIDS is the acronym of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

After GOT, is ACUR. I came to the conclusion that this must mean without cure, just like asymmetrical meaning without symmetry, or amoral meaning without moral. The prefix A in a word means not or without.

The last part in the name GOTACURAL is AL. AL is a suffix meaning relating to or characterized by. Examples where AL is used as a suffix are in the words directional, fictional, hormonal, organizational, spectral, tidal (Webster's Third New International Dictionary). Hence, we can say that GOTACURAL is a disease characterized by being acquired and by being without cure. Doesn't AIDS perfectly fit this description of the name GOTACURAL? It does. And it is spot on!

GOTACURAL is, therefore, a complex word consisting of four parts, namely, GOT, A, CUR, and AL. Its derivation is as follows:

GOT ---- past tense of the English word get, and synonymous to acquired
A --------- prefix for Latin or Greek word to mean not or without
CURA --- Latin word for medical attendance or healing or cure
AL ------- suffix to mean relating to or characterized by

What a very clever way to prophesy a new disease!

How long will it take before an HIV positive individual develop full-blown AIDS? Five years? Ten years? It seems that when one is diagnosed to be HIV positive, that seems to be a death sentence. For these individuals, they could be thankful to God for through the illness, they could change their outlook in life and lifestyle. They could have time to know Him more. They could have time to come back to Him. They could have time to seek God's forgiveness for their sins and to repent. And they will be rewarded by God for knowing Him and coming back to Him to be with Him in His kingdom in Heaven. The illness may have been a blessing in disguise.

Since a cure from the specialists of the medical profession will never be found, maybe, the only cure is a miracle. And that involves faith--faith in God. With or without miracle, ill with HIV-AIDS or not, we have to be near to God. Let us strengthen, and be steadfast in, our faith in God. Let us always be prepared to face God anytime He calls us.

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