(God's Calendar for the New Millennium)

Aristeo Canlas Fernando
Peace Crusader and Echo of the Holy Spirit

 This Web page on the Aristean Calendar is an interesting masterwork of God's inspiration and human intellect. It embodies a touch of spiritual perfection with down-to-earth applications. Highlighted are:


The Aristean Calendar - This is how the calendar looks like.


Features of the Aristean Calendar - List of distinguishing features of the calendar.


Signs Behind God's Calendar - Amazing signs that truly prove that the Aristean calendar came from God and Aristeo as the chosen one to present it to the world.


Why reform the Gregorian Calendar - List the shortcomings of the present Gregorian calendar.


Change for the better - Why we should adopt the Aristean calendar to replace the Gregorian calendar.


Why Australia to lead its promotion - Facts that can motivate the Australian government to lead in the promotion of the Aristean calendar worldwide.


Comparison to Gregorian Calendar - Similarities and differences between the Aristean and Gregorian calendars.


Proposed reforms to Gregorian Calendar - Tabulated comparison of the Aristean calendar with three proposed perpetual calendars.


Determination of the day of the week - Easy step-by-step procedure to determine the day of the week of any date in the Aristean calendar without a calendar on hand.


Determination of the date given the day - Procedure to determine the date in the Aristean calendar given the day of the week and the month.


Fixed dates of Christian holydays - Christmas, Crucifixion Day, Resurrection Day and Sabbath are observed on their correct dates as revealed by the Holy Spirit Himself.


Christian calendar of events - The schedule of Christian events in the Aristean calendar which fall on the same day and date every year.


Calendar reform at the United Nations - The document formally lodged by India in 1953 at the United Nations initiating the discussion of the issue of world calendar reform.


Australian Parliament - The speech delivered by the Hon. Chris Haviland, MP, at the Australian Federal Parliament on the Aristean Perpetual Calendar.


Australian media - Excerpts from news articles about the Aristean calendar.


Academic evaluation of proposal - Evaluation of the Aristean calendar done by the Faculty of Arts of the University of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.


Excerpts from correspondence received - The history of the promotion of the Aristean calendar with excerpts from correspondences received.


Public holidays in New South Wales, Australia - The schedule of public holidays in the state of New South Wales, Australia in the Aristean calendar.


Implementation of the Aristean Calendar - The appeal to the peoples of the world to support for the implementation of God's calendar.


Proclamation of the Aristean Calendar - Because of his firm belief of having divine authority and being an instrument of God, Aristeo proclaimed the Aristean calendar on the Internet as the official standard primary calendar of the whole world beginning January 1, 2001. This is the proclamation document.


Jewish important days - Proposal to the Jews to adopt God’s calendar spelling out when their festivals could be held.


ISO Week - Lists the permanent inclusive dates of the ISO weeks of the year.


Remember the Number of Days in Months - How to remember them easily with the use of the fingers.


Aristean Day Number - Tables showing the day number of the year during common year and leap year.




Day of Week of Aristean Day Number - How to determine the day of the week of an Aristean Day Number.

Determination of the Calendar Ordinal Date – Easy step-by-step procedure to determine the Calendar Ordinal Date in the Aristean calendar given the Calendar Week Date.

Determination of the Calendar Week Date – Easy step-by-step procedure to determine the Calendar Week Date in the Aristean calendar given the Calendar Ordinal Date.



Time Periods – Lists the subdivisions of the year in the Aristean calendar.


Best Time to Implement – The years when it is Monday in both the Gregorian and the Aristean calendars.

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