Just one calendar forever


Rosita Gallasch


ARISTEO Fernando is on a mission to change the world in a year.

Well, at least the western world’s calendar.

The Liverpool resident wants to change the current Gregorian calendar to the one he has created and named after himself—the Aristean Perpetual calendar.

Anyone who wants to have each date falling on the same day forever will like Mr Fernando’s calendar.

“The calendar is much the same as the current one—it has 12 months divided into four quarters of three months each,” Mr Fernando, 58, said.

“Yet the names of the days and dates will remain the same forever and there will be 31-30-30 days for each month of the quarter”.

There will also be two international public holidays.  Every four years there will be a leap year day on June 31 and each year a world peace day on December 31.

These two days will be 24-hour periods with no set day to synchronise the same day and date in perpetuity.

The Defence Department employee believes this calendar will allow the world to function more easily, thereby creating harmony and world peace.

Unfortunately people born on March 31, May 31 and August 31 will lose their birth dates.

Mr Fernando, a Christian, believes the best time to adopt this calendar would be on January 1, 2007, because the next time this day and date configuration occurs will be in 2018.

He is now appealing to local children to promote his calendar and tell their friends about it via the internet and so help to spread the word across the world and encourage governments to adopt it.

Mr Fernando’s calendar was put before Federal Parliament in 1994 but not adopted because he believes it was not clearly understood.

He has also contacted various other governments around the world, the Catholic Pope and the United Nations.

For more details visit his website at www.geocities.com/peacecrusader888/


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