Bid to introduce a new calendar


Man on a mission from God


By Kylie Stevens


ONLY time will tell whether peace crusader Aris Fernando really can single-handedly change the world by the end of the year.

            The Liverpool resident has devised his own perpetual calendar with a constant day-date relationship.                

            Called the Aristean calendar, it’s the same each year.

            Each week starts on the Monday and the year is divided into four quarters where each quarter has three months in a 31-30-30 day pattern.

            December 31 will be a no-weekday date, designated as World Peace Day, Christmas Day will be celebrated on its “correct date” on May 23, Crucifixion Day (Good Friday) on a fixed date of August 17, Resurrection Day (Easter) on August 20 and there will be no such thing as Friday the 13th.

            During leap years, June 31 would be designated as another no-weekday date.

            Mr Fernando believed that his calendar would have to be introduced next year as New Year’s Day falls on a Monday – the first day of the working week.

            Otherwise, we would have [to] wait until 2018 to implement it, according to Mr Fernando.

            “The calendar means that special events that we celebrate such as Australia Day, Anzac Day or Christmas Day will fall on the same day of the week,” he said.

            “The relationship between days and dates will never change so it will be easy to remember birthdays and anniversaries.  The dates are fixed so holidays can be easily planned in advance.  It is very easy because if we start it next year, we will not have to drop the calendar that [have] at present.”

            He said he was inspired by God who “chose” him to come up with the calendar and believed that his calendar has lots of practical benefits.

            “It is environmentally friendly because we won’t have to print different calendars every year,” Mr Fernando said.

            The Aristean calendar was previously debated in Federal Parliament in the mid-1990s when Mr Fernando unsuccessfully tried to implement the calendar for the year 2000.

            This time, he plans to use word of mouth and the power of the internet to change the world.

            “Nothing is impossible.  The Holy Spirit has told me that now is the time.  Australia has the manpower and resources to promote it.”

            As a former computer programmer, Mr Fernando realized it may not be smooth sailing to start off.  “The transition period will take up to three years,” he said.

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