Aristeo has time on his mind


“THIRTY days hath September, April, June and November” will no longer be a rhyme used by schoolchildren if Rosemeadow’s Aristeo Fernando has his way.


He wants to change the type of calendar used throughout the world to a more streamlined model.


However Mr Fernando is having trouble implementing the change by himself and is looking for volunteers to join the Perpetual Calendar Movement.


Mr Fernando developed his perpetual calendar because he felt weekdays and dates should be constant each year.


With his calendar, January 1 would always fall on a Monday, January 2 on a Tuesday, and so on.


“It is a calendar one can memorise and (which will) be valid year after year because it has a constant day-date relationship,” he said.


“Basically, it is similar to the present calendar with slight modification making it simpler, more uniform and easier to remember.”


The calendar has 12 months divided into quarters.


Each quarter has a pattern of 31-30-30 – 31 days in the first month and 30 in the next two.


“Practical reasons for implementing my calendar include using the same calendar each year, being able to sell unsold diaries in following years, and holding special occasions on the same day each year, : Mr Fernando said.


“For the superstitious, the 13th will never fall on a Friday.”


Lobbying politicians and community leaders to accept the change is proving a big job for Mr Fernando who would like the calendar proclaimed the official world model at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.


He would like the calendar to start on January 1, 2001, the beginning of the 21st century and the third millennium, and is looking for volunteers to join the Perpetual Calendar Movement.


Volunteers could work in a movement office, distribute campaign materials, display posters, organize support groups, enlist supporters, be a resource speaker or attend fund raising functions.


For details write to Aristeo Fernando, Perpetual Calendar Movement, PO box 888, Campbelltown 2560.


Text Box: Published in the Macarthur Chronicle Weekend Extra, December 2, 1994, page 10.




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