Parliament hears calendar proposal


A PERPETUAL calendar designed by Rosemeadow resident Aristeo Fernando has been introduced in Federal Parliament.

            Federal Member for Macarthur Chris Haviland told his colleagues he was happy to bring Mr Fernando’s proposal to the attention of the House so it could be considered and debated.

            “Those of us in public life who commit ourselves to reform and change know only too well that the road towards change can be a rocky one,” Mr Haviland said.

            “I hope that by raising this issue today I can play a small part in promoting, at least for consideration in the community and among honorable members, something which does appear, on the surface, to be a proposal of some merit.”

            Mr Fernando’s calendar has 12 months in the year and is divided into quarters with the first month of each quarter having 31 days and the second and third months having 30 days.  The 365h day of the year would fall on December 31 and would be known only as World Peace Day and there would be a Leap year Day every four years.

            January 1 would always be a Monday and special occasions such as Christmas, anniversaries and birthdays would fall on the same day each year.

            “Mr Fernando understands that Australia alone cannot introduce and use a calendar completely different to that used by the rest of the world,” Mr Haviland told parliamentarians.

            “However Mr Fernando, a Filipino migrant, has immense pride in being an Australian citizen who believes Australia has the courage to initiate and spearhead such a reform and that it can persuade the rest of the world to follow.

            “I must admit that when Mr Fernando approached me on this issue I was rather pessimistic about his chances of success.”


Text Box: Published in the Macarthur Chronicle, Tuesday, September 13, 1994.





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